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When it comes to automated repricer, BQool thrashes all amazon repricing softwares on the market. See why we stand out from our competition and establish BQool as the best (formerly Appeagle) alternative. A repricing tool that is easily affordable, yet incredibly powerful.

Powerful Amazon Repricing Tool at Little Cost

Why shell out $100 a month for accelerated repricing when you can reprice just as fast at only $25 a month! BQool Repricing Central $25 plan lets you select up to 1000 listings for fast repricing. Unlike (formerly Appeagle) pricey $100 plan only allows 250 listings to be repriced.
1000 listings
SELECT Amazon Marketplace
CUSTOM Repricing Rules
250 listings
NO Marketplaces Selection
FIXED Repricing Rules
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What Our Customers Have To Say

BQool does not skimp on essential components that are pivotal to a good Amazon repricing software in a hope to upsell us a premium plan. - Eric Griffin, DROK

Automatically Win the Amazon Buy Box with BQool’s Exclusive Repricing Strategies

Repricing Central

BQool’s economic Amazon repricing plan is chock-full of useful repricing utilities that can aid you in your conquest to win the amazon buy box. You are free to create any repricing rule to your heart's content. Whether if you would like to set min / max prices to protect your profit margin on any given listing, compete against or exclude specific competitors such as back-ordered sellers and compete by product condition or fulfillment type, we have got it all!

Under the veneer of intelligent repricing,’ s $100 repricer is no more than a fixed rule repricer that comes with a fancy term so called Pre-configured Repricing Strategies. Simply put, a repricer only possesses default repricing rules without customization option unless users throw in another 50 bucks for a premium plan upgrade to unlock “Create Repricing Strategy” feature or they will be stuck with the most primitive amazon repricing tool (formerly Appeagle) has to offer.

BQool, the Best Amazon Repricer

The whole full-fledged repricing package is just $25 per month. Free 14-days trial

Beat Your Competitors on Multiple Amazon Marketplaces

BQool is all about giving users freedom of choice. We offer Amazon sellers with a range of options to choose from. You can find a suitable repricing plan that is tailored to your need for all major amazon marketplaces. If you sell on multiple amazon marketplaces like the EU marketplaces, you can manage all your marketplaces with just one BQool account! BQool supports several Amazon marketplaces: US, CA, EU (UK, FR, DE, IT, ES), Japan and Mexico!

So it is crucial that you don’t waste your hard-earned money on a repricing software which doesn’t offer you the option to select the marketplace you need. Not only the absence of Amazon marketplace selection of (formerly Appeagle) repricing plan is inflexible, but also it forces you to pay for marketplaces you don’t sell on.

Excellent Support Guides You Every Step of the Way (formerly Appeagle) turns fast and responsive customer support into a premium feature and overcharges you on their repricing plan. Fortunately BQool does not practise this business model. Providing the best support possible to all our customers is what makes BQool great and unique to other repricing softwares on the market. Here at BQool, we believe users don't have to fork over extra cash for premium customer service that is exclusive to expensive repricing plan and we are strongly against this sort of preferential treatment to all our clients.

Boost Your Sales with an Array of Powerful Repricing Utilities

Automatic Accelerated Repricing
Experience the fastest repricing speed only BQool Repricing Central can offer. 5 minutes automated repricing will leave all your competitors in the dust while you are sitting comfortably in the buy box.
Advanced Price Calculator
BQool Repricing Central’s very own built-in price calculator can help sellers determine min and max profit margins for all listings!
Customizable Repricing Settings
BQool Repricing Central lets you compete with various repricing strategies against different types of competitors. You can even target competitors in the buy box to win the buy box effectively. Price up and down to maximize your profit as well as keeping your price competitive is your golden ticket to the highly coveted buy box.

How to Switch from

Making the switch to BQool today! Simply email to our Customer Success Team at to get a step-by-step assistance migrating from (formerly Appeagle) to BQool.