2016 Q4 Promotion-Boost your sales with BQool

Happy Holidays – Launch Your Q4 Sales With BQool

BQool 2016 Q4 promotion banner

Are you ready for the holiday selling season?

This holiday, come join BQool and let us give you the boost you need to reach and exceed your Q4 expectations! Don’t miss out on this limited time promotion! The special offer is valid for bothnew users and existing BQool users who are interested in subscribing to an alternate marketplace or product with BQool. To redeem your holiday special offers, simply enter the coupon code upon checkout.

I’m new to BQool, What Can I Get?

BQool 2016 Q4 promotion new user coupon code

You will have instant access to a 14-day FREE trial and receive 40% OFF for your first 2 months from any monthly billed subscription of your choice including Repricing, Feedback orReview Central.

BQool Coupon Code: OTJG1TOC
40% Off your First 2 Months Bill after the 14-Day Free Trial (valid until 12/14/2016)

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I’m a BQool user, What Can I Get?

BQool 2016 Q4 promotion old user coupon code

To reward our loyal customers, we are giving 50% OFF for your first month upgrade and 10% OFF first year upgrade for the annual subscription. Why not take the advantage to upgrade your BQool plan now!

Repricing Central – Accelerated Repricing feature is available for Repricing 5,000 ($50/month) and above plans
Feedback Central – Review Request Campaign is available for Feedback 2,000 ($25/month) and above plans
Review Central – Email Alert is available for Review 500 ($50/month) and above plans
BQool Coupon Code: ZLWAS0KD
50% Off First Month Upgrade for Existing Users

(valid until 12/14/2016)
BQool Coupon Code: NGAVORBB
10% Off First Month Upgrade for Existing Users
(valid until 12/14/2016)

We wish you all a Merry Q4!
BQool Team