Database Engineer – Taipei
Key Responsibilities:
– Develop BQool software for e-commerce platform
What you will gain from this position:
– Develop software service for global Amazon sellers
– Work with a team of bright engineers
– Play with large amounts of e-commerce data
– Familiarity with various types of database (at least must be familiar with SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop)
– Familiarity with one of C#, Node.js, Python
– At least 3 years of work experience in programming
– Familiarity with Amazon AWS
Good to have:
– Detail-oriented, good communicator and planner, responsible
– Enjoys working in a team setting
We are a young company and expanding fast. If you have the following qualifications, you will be a great addition to our team:
– Self-starter, passionate about working, excited about sharing experiences and knowledge
– Good level of English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
– Have experience working in a start-up company
Benefits and Perks:
– Great working environment, open communication
– Employee stock options
– Weekends off
– Bonuses for Lunar New Year and birthday, weddings and funerals allowances, department gatherings
– Labor and health insurance
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