Amazon Operation VA

Reduce 80% of Your Workload

Do you know 80% of your work are repetitive? Our responsive and dependable VA can help you with all that! Including customer support, upload listings, return and refund handling, and so much more. Now you have time to focus on selling strategies to gain more revenue!

Cut out Your Stress from Hiring and Training

We only hire VA with 2+ years experience so you can rest assured that things will be done correctly. We also have professional trainers and team leaders who will ensure the skill of VA are unceasing progress, so you don’t have to worry about training them by yourselves!

Your Confidential Data are Highly Secured

Whenever our VA on and off duty, we do system sweep on every computer and security scan on every VA every weekday in our local office, so you can gain peace of mind that non of your confidential data would leaked out. No chance at all!

Free Project Management and Time Tracking Software

Want to monitor everything? We know you! You can communicate with our VA on Basecamp all the time to instruct them with the things that need help. Also, we use time tracking and monitoring tool to clock the hours. Everything is under control!

Free Toll-free Number plus Top-notch Phone Service

Want to serve your customers even better? Let our phone support help you by taking inbound calls from your Amazon US store and answer all kinds of questions, so your customer can be satisfied and might give you better feedback or more orders!

Eligibility of Purchase

VA service is exclusively for BQool BigCRM or Repricing Central subscribers only.
This service is meant to help our user community to grow and become Amazon top sellers.

Features FAQ

  • No, this service is specifically for Amazon US marketplace. Our VA can’t help with other platforms and other counties.
  • No. Our VA focus their work on basic Amazon operation, like handling return & refund, customer service, listing uploading, shipping plan creation, and so on.
  • Yes, please register an Amazon US Seller account to be eligible to use the service
  • Yes, sorry we don’t take FBM sellers. But if you’re not yet an FBA seller, we’d strongly recommend you to run your Amazon business using FBA only, because the pick and pack fee and the shipping fee is so much cheaper than regular third party logistics, and reduce most of the time dealing with shipping, too!
  • Absolutely! If you’re not satisfied with the tools and softwares we use, feel free to teach them the way you like, we’d be happy to learn something new from you as well!
  • No, they can only help with shipping plan creation and monitor the inventories. But we can recommend you our logistic partners for you to get some discounts.
  • No, they only work PST 9:00-17:00 (UTC-8) every weekday, but if you have any questions or anything that need help, you can leave messages on Basecamp, we’ll get back to you soon.