Getting Your Amazon Repricer Started Easily
  1. We’ve streamlined our setup process to help you quickly start repricing.

Step 1: Select Listings

Select the listings you want to reprice.

Step 2: Set Min/ Max Price and Rule

Use Bulk Actions to quickly set up your Min/ Max and Rule.

Step 3: Repricing Enabled

The green arrow indicates you are repricing.

Quick Set Up
  1. Bulk Actions helps you quickly set up repricing. Set Min Price, Max Price, and rule across multiple listings using a percentage, or fixed price formula.

Bulk Upload
  1. Use our Repricing Template to edit Min Price, Max Price, rule, and Cost for multiple listings at a time.
  2. Step 1: Download template file
  3. Step 2: Fill in SKUs, Min, Max, and Rule
  4. Step 3: Upload File

★ Download Repricing Listings Report for a list of your current SKUs and repricing settings.

Group Listings
  1. Use Favorite Filter to quickly search for:
  2. Active Listings, Repricing Enabled Listings, Listings with Competition, etc. Bookmark groups of listings and add them to your favorite filter for easy management.

Europe Settings
  1. You will be able to allocate your total listings between your EU marketplaces.

Repricing FAQ
How is Repricing Central different from other repricers?
We’ve been continuously improving Repricing Central to give our users greater control over how they reprice their listings. Whether your goal is to win the Buy Box, or maximize your profit margin, we can suit your needs.
Will it continue to reprice when I win the Buy Box?
Yes, repricing can still happen if you’re in the Buy Box. There are custom Buy Box settings for increasing profit margin, and increasing Buy Box time. You can also specify if you want to keep your Buy Box price the same or disable Buy Box settings completely.
What happens if there is no competition?
Now’s the time to increase your profit margin. When you’re the only seller left, the No Competition setting can automatically adjust you to Max Price.
Are there any moments it stops repricing?
Once you’ve enabled repricing, Repricing Central, which is cloud-based, never stops repricing, unless Amazon’s servers fail or you disable repricing. If your competitors are not changing prices, there will be no repricing actions to take. However, we will still perform regular checks to make sure everything is running smoothly.
I’ve just added new listings on Amazon. When will they show up in BQool?
Once Amazon updates your listing, we will automatically download your listing report every 14 hours for free trial users, and every 2-4 hours for subscribers.
How much does Repricing Central cost?
We charge by number of listings repriced, instead of total number of listings. We will download all your listings in your Seller Central account and you can choose whichever listings to reprice. View Detailed Pricing
Do you have any plans for sellers with more than 50,000 listings?
Yes we do. Please inquire on live chat.