4 28 日开始调涨美国 FBA 配送费用




当我们费用调整时,则专注于解决永久性成本问题,并确保我们的收费相较与其他服务商的收费更具有竞争力。 2022年,随着世界各地Covid-19限制的放宽,我们预计将恢复正常,但燃料价格和通货膨胀带来了进一步的挑战。 目前尚不清楚这些通胀成本会上升或下降,或持续多久。我们将新增加燃油和通胀附加费用,而非永久性的费用调整这是一种在供应链供应商中广泛使用的方式。

从4月28日开始,我们将在当前的亚马逊物流 (FBA) 商品配送(单位费率)的基础上,收取 5% 的燃油和通膨附加费用。我们知道,费用调涨会对您的业务有所影响。
我们的团队每天努力确保FBA提供优质服务与价值。自 2020 年以来,包括现在,亚马逊物流涨价幅度与成本仍然比其他服务商有优势。


更详细的信息,请参考 2022 年美国亚马逊物流配送费用变更2022 US FBA fulfillment fee changes



April 14, 2022 (US FBA, 5% surcharge at FBA after 04/28)

Update to US FBA fulfillment fees starts April 28

Since the start of the pandemic, we have significantly invested in Amazons store and fulfillment operations to better support you and our customers. Weve nearly doubled fulfillment capacity, added over 750,000 full- and part-time roles, and our average hourly wage in the US has climbed from $15 to $18. These investments enabled tremendous growth for sellers, who have increased sales in our store by more than 70% during this time.

Like many, we have experienced significant cost increases and we have absorbed them, wherever possible, to reduce the impact on our selling partners.
When we did increase fees, we were focused on addressing permanent costs and ensuring that our fees were competitive with those charged by other service providers. In 2022, we expected a return to normalcy as COVID-19 restrictions around the world eased, but fuel prices and inflation have presented further challenges. It
s still unclear if these inflationary costs will go up or down, or for how long they will persist. Rather than a permanent fee change, we will be employing a fuel and inflation surcharge for the first timea mechanism broadly used across supply chain providers.

Beginning April 28, we will implement a fuel and inflation surcharge of 5% on top of our current Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fulfillment fee per-unit rates. We know that changing fees affects your business. Our teams are working each and every day to ensure that FBA remains a great value for the premium fulfillment and delivery service it provides. Since 2020, and inclusive of this change, Amazon has increased fulfillment rates less than other carriers and continues to cost significantly less than alternatives.

For more information, go to 2022 US FBA fulfillment fee changes.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to our continued partnership.