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No Time?

I can't monitor Amazon PPC 24/7, and using software means I still have to invest time in adapting to the interface and learning strategies.

Save Time

BQool manages and optimizes your account, providing regular monitoring and reporting, allowing you to focus on your business.

No Profit?

Amazon fees are eating into my profits, with no conversions and consistently high ACOS.

More Profits

BQool’s advanced AI model automatically adjusts bids, eliminating overbidding or underbidding uncertainties.

No Strategy?

I am not sure about setting my budget, identifying the perfect keywords, or determining the ideal bidding amount.

Smart AI Strategy

BQool aligns strategies with your goals using reliable statistics and proprietary AI technology, ensuring that your campaigns evolve intelligently over time.

BQool PPC Services Help You Succeed on Amazon

AI Bidding

To maximize conversion and click-through-rate (CTR), BQool leverages AI algorithms and data insights to dynamically set bids tailored for each keyword. With AI-Bidding, your campaigns evolve intelligently over time as our system learns and refines bids from real-time performance data, maximizing your ROI.

Auto Budgeting

BQool utilizes Auto-Budgeting to distribute campaign budgets automatically based on hourly performance data. It re-allocates budgets between campaigns to ensure that advertising spend is directed towards the most effective campaigns, thereby minimizing wasted resources and maximizing profits.

Additionally, your dedicated Amazon PPC service manager will provide guidance on budget allocation, taking into account the product life cycle and other relevant factors.

Keyword Research

BQool’s Amazon PPC services conduct daily analyses of advertising reports to discover relevant search terms for your products, also enabling high-converting keywords while eliminating underperforming ones.

Additionally, we analyze relevant shopping queries from Brand Analytics to pinpoint potential keywords, provided you are registered as a brand.

Campaign Creation

Whether it's Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display, BQool's dedicated PPC service management team specializes in simplifying the complexities of Amazon advertising, meticulously tailoring campaigns to exceed your expectations and objectives.

We closely collaborate with you to define clear, achievable goals tailored to your primary focus, whether it's boosting sales, maximizing profits, or enhancing brand visibility.

Ongoing Optimization

Both BQool’s AI system and your dedicated PPC service team will continuously refine and improve your campaigns to enhance their effectiveness and maximize results over time.

This involves monitoring KPIs, analyzing data, and making adjustments to various elements of the campaign to improve performance.

Regular Health Checks & Reporting

Your dedicated Amazon PPC service manager will consistently monitor your account, providing regular performance updates through monthly reports. BQool stays on top of Amazon’s updates, offering action plans and suggestions to ensure you stay aligned with current market trends.

Expect ongoing communication with our experienced PPC service team!

Our Service

Reach your goals with our expert Amazon Ad manager

Partner with our Amazon PPC management team of certified Amazon Ad experts. Our account managers are Amazon Ad certified and possess the expertise to optimize your campaigns for optimal results. Expect regular communication as we proactively adjust strategies and budgets to ensure your success.

Monthly performance reports

Every month, you'll receive a comprehensive report on your Amazon PPC account performance. The report highlights the performance, outlines the adjustments we've made, and includes valuable suggestions for further growth and enhancement.

Regular health checks & Scheduled monthly calls

Every month, we'll arrange a call to review the report together, discuss your feedback, and address any questions you may have. Additionally, we'll conduct regular health checks throughout the month to ensure your success in Amazon advertising optimization, and proactively address any potential issues.

Our Technology

How do you find the right keywords from numerous reports?

Take advantage of our "Auto-Harvesting," which conducts daily analyses of the search term report. We identify relevant search terms for your advertised keywords, enabling the discovery of high-converting keywords while eliminating underperforming ones.

Search term report

Analyze search terms

Identify the search
term value level

Add potential
search terms to the
right ad groups

How do you determine the optimal bid for each keyword?

Let AI utilize the latest data and adjust your bids automatically every hour. Never again will you worry about overbidding or underbidding, as AI will optimize your Amazon advertising strategy and strike the ideal balance for optimal results.

Compile advertising data, including Amazon marketing stream data (only accessible through API), campaign reports, targeting reports, ASIN reports, and more

Train the data using mathematical algorithms

Utilize the model result to predict the optimal PPC bid



Launch two campaigns: one auto and one manual, and start collecting advertising performance data

Ideal for

  • Products without brand recognition or a specific strategy
  • New products lacking initial advertising data


Invest additional budget in high-performing targets by setting up a separate manual campaign

Best for

  • Products with sufficient advertising performance data and recognize valuable targets


Allocate separate budgets for targeting brand terms and specific competitors

Best for

  • Products with established brand recognition and branded search demand
  • Products with specific competitors in mind
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