BQool Feedback Central

Automated Feedback & Review Request

Be proactive in managing your reputation and request your customers for positive feedback and 5-star product reviews. With our intelligent automation system, we have made feedback acquisition as simple as a click of a mouse!

Feedback Alert Notification

Monitor your negative feedback closely! Configure your campaign settings to automatically receive email alerts when your customers leave negative feedback and when a negative feedback has been removed. Take prompt action and increase your response time.

Feedback Performance Dashboard

Review the number of negative, neutral, positive feedback and the total number of feedback at a glance. Utilize the data to gauge insight on the health of your seller metrics.

Default & Customizable Email Templates

Save time by sending out default templates that are translated into 6 different languages and specifically tailored to various customer service scenarios. You can also customize your template with email variables to personalize your content

Buyer Blacklist Management

Block emails from being sent to uncooperative or opted-out customers to avoid getting undesired feedback.

VAT Invoice Generator

Automatically generate VAT invoices for your EU customers.

Flexible Delivery Schedule

Emails are sent based on the schedule you set which can ensure a higher email open rate.

Product Images Attachment

Download your product images by ASINs and automatically attach into your email template.

Boost Feedback & Reviews With BQool Feedback Central

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