Boost Your Amazon Search Position

Boost your Amazon product rank to page one with highly searched and relevant keywords.

Highly relevant keywords in your product description or PPC campaign are instrumental in increasing your product ranking and, ultimately, your sales. BQool's Keyword Generator benefits you by utilizing actual search data from potential buyers to generate an extensive list of relevant keywords with the associated traffic metrics, that will supercharge your Amazon product listings to the first page.

Highly searched and relevant keywords to supercharge your listings to page 1.
Higher product rank means greater visibility and sales.
Weekly keyword updates for improved keyword relevancy and accuracy.

Expose Competitor's Keyword Strategy

Spy on your competitor's keywords and redirect their traffic with the Reverse ASIN search.

Whether you are looking to improve your product's ranking performance or are launching a new product, BQool's Reverse ASIN search is the ideal solution. The Reverse ASIN instantly exposes your competitor's ranked product keywords, including a comprehensive set of critical traffic and performance metrics, supporting you to rank higher, get more traffic, improve PPC performance, and ultimately to generate more sales.

Increased traffic by redirecting buyer searches to your products.
Quickly launch new products with known ranked keywords.
With BQool's groundbreaking Amazon Seller Software and real-time aftersales support,
UGREEN has the greatest companion throughout its journey on the Amazon e-commerce platform.

Discover Hidden Gems

Instantly discover all-time most popular keywords, latest hot new keywords, and historical seasonal keywords with insights from BigKeywords.

BQool's BigKeywords amasses an enormous collection of keywords and is powered by a sophisticated algorithm to enable users to research and dig out historical keyword analytics. This big data of keywords includes several critical features, such as Hot & New Keywords, Popular Keywords and Seasonal Keywords, all designed to research and discover essential keywords to boost your listing to page one.

Hot & New Keywords identifies keywords trending higher over the most recent months.
Popular Keywords highlights keywords present for most of the prior year.
Seasonal Keywords uncovers keywords peaked at specific periods of the year.

Optimize Product Listings

Leverage real Amazon buyer search data with high-traffic keywords to optimize your listings.

Boost Amazon PPC Campaigns

Gain additional keyword ideas and apply them to your Amazon advertising campaigns.

Support Multiple Marketplaces

Supports 9 marketplaces: Amazon US, CA, MX, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, and JP.

Multilingual Keyword Research

Visualize high search volume keywords in the local language.

Available on Chrome Extension

Conveniently research Amazon keywords from your Chrome browser. Available with the BigTracker Extension.

Unlimited Download

Download a broad keyword list into a CSV format for further analysis.

Immediately increase traffic and conversions with
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