2024 BQool Easter Event is Here

We dropped 5 easter eggs somewhere on the BQool website. Can you help us find them? If you can locate all five eggs with different colors across www.bqool.com webpages and send the screenshots of the egg locations to support@bqool.com, you will be rewarded with a golden prize! 

Successful egg hunters will receive an Easter Special Repricing Package with 200 FREE AI Listings & 2 Months FREE. This eggstraordinary opportunity won’t last forever! Let us help you get a head start: crack these cryptic messages to uncover the 3 locations: 

  •  Switch languages on the website
  •  AI-Powered Repricer Page
  •  Contact us Page

The event will start from 28th March and will end on April 1st .

200 AI listings & 2 additional months are only applicable to the $50 annual subscriptions of Repricing Central