BigCentral's 7-Figures Growth Cycle
BQool's BigCentral 7-Figures Growth Cycle empowers sellers along the customer journey with the solutions required to be a 7-figure seller.
From product & keyword research, to marketing, sales, and service, BQool offers dedicated solutions for sellers to increase their Amazon sales.
BQool and their services, make it easy to communicate with our customers, tracking their reviews and feedback so we can always be one step ahead. Thanks BQool for the support that never fails! You have helped us to grow our business by automating these important tasks - freeing us to WOW our customers around the world!

Maureen Frey

Customer Service Manager

The Friendly Swede

Profit Dashboard

Instantly understand the overall financial picture of your Amazon business, empowering you with actionable data-driven analytics. Profit Dashboard's comprehensive profit & loss statement provides a detailed breakdown of your fees and highlights your gross profit. While the trends and comparisons enables sellers to easily compare current and historical performance to identify trends and forecast future activities.

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Request a Review

Effortlessly send out 100% Amazon-compliant review and feedback requests worry-free. BigCentral automates the email requests and includes numerous filters and scheduling options so that you do not need to click every Seller Central Request a Review button.

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Email Automation

Personalized email campaigns designed to increase seller feedback & product reviews, while also building a consistent brand experience with customizable multilingual email templates. BQool leverages proven AI technologies enabling you to view, track and compare your performance.

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Review Tracking

Elevate your conversion rate and visibility with an increased number of quality product reviews. Conveniently manage reviews in a central location to ensure timely response of customer issues. And stay notified to mitigate possible negative product reviews by tracking your products as speedy as every hour with automated email alerts so you are in a better position to resolve product issues.

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Keyword Research

Stand out from your competitors and increase your product's visibility with highly relevant keywords and synonyms to optimize product listings for high search ranking and which enhances PPC campaigns. BQool's Keyword Research offers actual search data from potential customers to provide you with the keywords that matters most. And if you want to spy on competitor's keywords and steal their traffic, the Reverse ASIN feature instantly uncovers the keywords relevant to you.

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Product Research

Discover profitable product opportunities by conveniently performing an exhaustive search across large volumes of product data to uncover and visualize hidden trends, top sellers, top selling products, or brands with their estimated sales and revenue. For products of interest, track and evaluate the historical performance of product ideas.

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Product Tracker

Conveniently track & collect daily product data to validate your product ideas. Accurately capture the product data to analyze the daily price, sales rank, estimated sales & reviews over a given period. And for a competitor's product that you wish to spy on, you can easily track the details so that you may uncover and duplicate the secrets of their success.

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Feedback Management

Build stronger customer relationships by conveniently managing customer feedback, while improving feedback ratings. Effortlessly view customer's ratings and feedback with the ability to contact the buyer and track the status, all in a single pane.

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Buyer-Seller Messaging

A supercharged version of your help desk, offering seamless customer experience, expedited problem resolution, enhanced efficiency and increased productivity. Collaborate and gain visibility into your team's performance as they conveniently uphold your brand values across multiple major marketplaces.

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