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4.5/5, 54 reviews
4.5/5, 31 reviews on

Best Amazon Repricer I've Ever Used

Pros: The repricing is amazingly fast and the dashboard gives you a great overview of what's working and whats not. From the dashboard view you always know how many products have sold in the last week, month or year, your best sellers and your Buy Box percentage. I can't think of another repricer that has so many robust features for this good of a price.

Overall: A lightning fast repricer with tons of features at an affordable price.

Date: Apr 23, 2018
Author: Brandon E

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4.5/5, 17 reviews on

Works great! Everything you need . . . nothing you don't

A lot of other repricing apps try and charge a lot of money or disguise what you're paying by restricting features, or charging you too much for small packages as you grow.

This software is the best no-BS repricer around. It has changed my business and saves me hours every week and earns me thousands in recovered sales per month.

BQool offers long free trial periods and will extend them if you require additional time to evaluate the software. The support team is excellent and their communication and customer service are A+. I strongly recommend Bqool and any of their software .

Date: Mar 30, 2016
Author: valuegardensupply124

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5/5, 6 reviews on

What does the company do well?

They have extensive information for beginners on how to sell on Amazon.

What does the company not do well?

I am not finding anything that they do not do well. It looks like all of the information is setup with ease of access throughout the website. Navigating their system is very easy.

What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?

I wish I had known about the 5 easy steps to selling on Amazon.

Date: April 3, 2018
Author: Peter Galey

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