Auto - Switch Between Rules

BQool conditional repricer automatically switches between multiple repricing rules based on a large selection of conditional triggers. Experience complete repricing automation and be in control of repricer’s behavior at any given point in time. Changing repricing strategies on the fly is as simple as flipping a switch, you can easily give competitors a run for their money and limit their buy box win rate by forcing their prices to be stuck at min price or locked at max price with BQool’s robust rule switching capability.

Sales Velocity Repricing

Automate how BQool prices your offer up or down when sales increase or decrease. BQool repricer can now react to sales velocity and adjust your repricing strategies according to the market. BQool conditional repricer can automatically switch from one repricing rule to another if a specified condition like sales amount or number of units sold is triggered and it can dynamically change your repricing rules until it finds the best rule to compete against other sellers. Never again will your offer price be out of touch with the market, BQool can always match your prices to market demand and find the sweet spot between sales and profitability.

Inventory Repricing

Do you have perishable or meltable items that you want BQool to reprice aggressively as they approach expiration? BQool has you covered! BQool repricer can now automatically adjust your product prices based on inventory age or switch up repricing strategies based on your inventory level. BQool is even smart enough to help you avoid storage fees by pricing your items competitively to dump stock before they get too old! Don’t let long term storage hurt your precious cashflow.

Grupo Clever Shopping is a business that is always looking for new ways to automate, escalate and grow their business. From this perspective, BQool is top when accomplishing repricing and customer service automation tasks and winning the all-important Buy Box.

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Suppressed Buy Box Repricing

Don’t be depressed when the buy box is suppressed. Reprice suppressed buy box with conditional repricer like a champ. BQool can alternative between your repricing rules to deal with suppressed buy box so you can always reprice with the most suitable repricing rule at any given time. Auto switch from competing for the buy box to competing for the lowest price or raising your price based on the market vs your cost.

Liquidate with Auto Min Price

Are those pesky sellers with plentiful available stock at low prices causing you zero sales and sending you to the brink of long-term storage? BQool now has the ultimate solution! Let Auto Min price help you liquidate and outsmart those pesky competitors when you are out of patience waiting for them to budge their prices. Set a X number of days for BQool conditional repricer to auto lower your min price based on profit margin or ROI. Avoid getting charged for storage fees, cash out your dead stock and improve your cashflow!

Compatible with AI and Algorithmic Rules

Witness the synergy between AI and Algorithmic rules in action! Alternate between AI repricing and algorithmic rule-based repricing when your set condition is met so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Pick How You Want to Win the Buy Box

Inventory Age Conditions

Automatically switch repricing strategies based on FBA inventory age & other conditions. Designed for FBA sellers only.

Sell-Through Rate Conditions

Automatically switch repricing strategies based on FBA sell-through rate & other conditions. Designed for FBA sellers only.

Days of Supply Conditions

Automatically switch repricing strategies based on FBA days of supply & other conditions. Designed for FBA sellers only.

FBA Advanced Conditions

Automatically switch repricing strategies based on FBA related conditions. Designed for advanced FBA sellers only.

FBM Advanced Conditions

Automatically switch repricing strategies based on FBM related conditions. Designed for advanced FBM sellers only.

Win The Buy Box More Often With BQool Repricing Central!

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