Ensure your Clients Success with the Right Tools, Insights, and Efficiencies

Multi-account management

BQool enables you to manage multiple customer accounts within a single administrator account with ease.

White Labeling

Strengthen your agency's brand identity by customizing the BQool interfaces with your logo.

Boost clients' sales and profitability

Access an unparalleled range of tools to help your clients increase their performance.

Keep your customers apprised of your competitors' every move with our Tracking tool.

Instantly receive an email alert for any price variation, stock-outs, rank changes or Buy Box ownership... and enable your customers to take quick action to seize new opportunities.

  • Implement a multitude of personalized alerts.
  • Option to have multiple email receivers, including your agency team staff and clients.
  • The alerts emails can be branded with your agency logo.

Map your customers' competitive environment and discover new high-potential markets.

Unveil the top-selling products on the market by using our "Product Search" feature.

  • Benefit from a database of +100 million products across all major marketplaces.
  • Refine your searches using our multi filtering tools - category, ranking, estimated sales volume and estimated sales revenue, customer reviews...
  • Calculate your potential profits with our built-in "Profit Calculator".
  • Access a 120-day history of sales and rankings for each product.
  • Use our " Chrome Extension " without additional cost.
  • Benefit from our algorithmic"BigMovers" scoring tool, specific to BQool, which evaluates the potential of a product.

Optimize your PPC campaigns and drive your clients to the first place in the Amazon search results.

Advise your clients on which keywords are the most efficient and monitor competitors' keywords with the Reverse ASIN tool.

  • Explore the buying practices of your target audience.
  • Collect information on industry trends with our keywords classification: Popular - Hot New - Seasonal
  • Redirect your competitor's traffic to your clients' store with Reverse ASIN
  • Use our "BigKeyword" engine - a powerful algorithmic search engine analysis tool developed by BQool based on an Amazon search engine.
  • Multi-language keyword research for international development.

Help your customers to generate positive Reviews and Feedback by targeting the right buyers.

You no longer risk having your Amazon account suspended! You have the opportunity to automate your "Review" requests with a 100% Amazon TOS compliant solution.

  • Use filters when emailing your customers to target only those buyers who are most likely to leave positive reviews and feedback.
  • Option to "blacklist" buyers with negative experiences.
  • Improve email opening rates by ensuring right-time delivery with our AI-optimized scheduling tool.
  • Auto-send invoices.
  • Have emails automatically translated into the language chosen by the purchaser.

Enable your clients to preserve their brand reputation through hour-to-hour alerts upon receipt of a negative review.

  • Ensures a quick resolution of the problem(s) encountered by the buyer.
  • "Best-in-class": Hourly updates of customer reviews.
  • Customizable email alerts can be set up according to certain criteria.
  • Buyers identifications: Top Reviewers from Hall of Fame, Top 100, Top Contributor, Vine Voice & Early Reviewers.
  • Historical customer reviews for the last 2 years can be downloaded in Excel format.

Benefit from the most advanced automated central messaging tool on the industry.

In perfect accordance with the needs of an Amazon agency, our built-in messaging solution enables you to centralize all buyer-seller communications and easily answer all requests without having to login to Seller Central.

  • Centralized, intuitive and performing mail system.
  • Shorten time to respond with our Auto-responder.
  • Choose from pre-designed, multi-lingual, customizable templates.
  • Assign an agent to handle a specific request.
  • Include third-party receivers for addresses registered with Seller Central.

Provide a Best-in-class Reporting Service to your clients using BQool tools

Analyze, customize and download the activity reports of your clients.

  • Conduct in-depth analysis on your customer accounts and identify leverage points for improvement and profit optimization.
  • Display all critical information in a single glance, including the most profitable and loss-making products.
  • Have access to a profit and loss dashboard.
  • Benchmark current and past performance and reveal hidden market trends.
  • The performance reports can be downloaded as PDF files featuring your agency logo.
  • Monitor performance of your advertising campaigns.
BQool and their services, make it easy to communicate with our customers, tracking their reviews and feedback so we can always be one step ahead. Thanks BQool for the support that never fails! You have helped us to grow our business by automating these important tasks - freeing us to WOW our customers around the world!

Maureen Frey

Customer Service Manager

The Friendly Swede

Best-In-Class customized Reporting

With BQool, you can create customized reports branded with your agency's logo. Additionally, you can download the reports in PDF format, with a custom layout that makes the presentation to your clients extremely convenient. At BQool, we strive to provide you with the best.From sales to market research, from product analysis to scheduled alerts, access to the most complete reports on your accounts' performance.

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Why BQool?

At BQool, we realized how tedious the account management processes are for an Amazon agency. As the number of clients grows, it becomes challenging and time-consuming to efficiently manage all the accounts: performing market research, conducting competitor analysis, enhancing brand image, and so on. It was obvious that agencies did not want to be consumed by repetitive and monotonous tasks.

We built Big Central on this philosophy!

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  • How much does the Big Central agency software cost?

    Big Central provides the best performance while being the least expensive. Our rates start from $45 per account on an annual plan.

    It is possible to customize our offers according to the modules and features you wish to offer your customers. Contact us to find out what we can implement based on your needs.

  • How many client accounts can I manage with your software?

    As many as you wish. You can manage an unlimited number of client accounts on BQool at no additional charge.

  • How can I start?

    Contact us for a free demo so you can see the software in action. Our in-house strategic Amazon Advertising experts will help you to find what you need and customize the best solution for you.

  • Can I manage multiple marketplaces ? If yes, how much does it cost per each additional marketplace?

    Indeed, we operate in the 9 major marketplaces ( US, CA, MX, FR, IT, ES, UK, DE and JP). Each additional marketplace cost 10$. But, if you apply for the 200$ and above, additional channels will be free and unlimited.