Our partners at BQool have been there for us for about 5 years now. We are a small, Swedish brand with focus on our bags and our customers. BQool and their services, make it easy to communicate with our customers, tracking their reviews and feedback so we can always be one step ahead. Thanks BQool for the support that never fails! You have helped us to grow our business by automating these important tasks - freeing us to WOW our customers around the world! Maureen Frey / Customer Service Manager / The Friendly Swede

At A Glance

A small-to-midsize lifestyle brand sought to increase its global presence while maintaining a superior customer and product experience. After reading online reviews, blogs, and industry news, the company reached out to BQool, where the customer service team ensured a swift and effortless onboarding process. BQool’s email automation delivered a 23% email open rate, a significant increase in their response to product reviews, and improved workflow efficiencies. In addition, BQool’s customer service was instrumental in supporting their acceleration to success.

BQool and their services, make it easy to communicate with our customers,
tracking their reviews and feedback so we can always be one step ahead.The Friendly Swede


For aspiring private label sellers, the Amazon marketplace presents an opportunity to increase their exposure to a global market. However, over the years, competition has also steadily grown, especially from the entry of large competitors from other countries, creating a highly competitive global marketplace.

Enter The Friendly Swede, a customer-focused business established in 2011, initially offering an assortment of products on Amazon. More recently, they have evolved into a lifestyle brand with a focus on the development of their stylish and quality-driven minimalist bags. Their target market includes busy young professionals, active individuals, and travelers who value a sense of style. And with each contact with these buyers, The Friendly Swede’s passion clearly displays their core value, and that is to provide a "WOWing" customer experience.

The Amazon marketplace provided The Friendly Swede with the opportunity to globally extend their exposure to multiple marketplaces that traditional Brick and Mortar stores would not have normally been able to accomplish. And with that opportunity arose a unique set of challenges.

In the ocean of products on Amazon, gaining product visibility and increasing sales rank is a universal challenge affecting private label sellers. One of the methods of improving these metrics requires increasing the number of product reviews. But with product review rates commonly hovering at 1-2%, it is easy to see the difficulty in a new product gaining traction. Sellers require a solution that allows them to increase the number of product reviews.

Managing and tracking reviews is also a must for the companies that sell globally on Amazon. By timely tracking and managing product reviews across multiple marketplaces, sellers such as the The Friendly Swede can maintain a positive brand reputation while also fulling their core values and making their customers feel important and heard.


In searching for a suitable solution, The Friendly Swede scoured the internet for the right solution, reading blogs, industry news, and reviews. After a tedious and careful selection process, they settled with BQool’s BigCentral due to the outstanding support and a powerful feature-rich solution that matched the superior standards that they were expected to provide.

"The BQool support team had the answers I needed to hear, and they were very quick with answers," adds Maureen.

BQool’s BigCentral solutions is a comprehensive solution for Private Labels Sellers that offers a host of powerful features catered to the different steps along the seller’s journey. From conveniently uncovering profitable products and relevant keywords to increasing Product Reviews and Seller Feedback, all the way to after-sales support, BigCentral offers a complete solution to empower sellers to be an Amazon Top Seller.

One of the biggest challenges of selling on Amazon is driving product reviews, which in turn increases product search visibility and sales. With BigCentral’s Email Automation, The Friendly Swede was able to automate the distribution of personalized multilingual emails to the coveted Japanese marketplace. At their disposal, features such as advanced filtering to request from the right buyers or avoid buyers with a negative experience helps to boost the quality of reviews.

Customer service must also manage negative reviews as it may potentially damage future sales while in the public view. BigCentral was developed to address these critical situations with its industry-leading 1-hour review tracker and review change monitoring, so that customer service is kept informed of the situation.

Maureen explains:

"If you show customers you care with a fast response - they believe you are on their side to fix the issue. I love that BQool makes this easy to track."

Jimmy Liu, BQool Customer Support Manager, is quick to add:

"Selling on Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive and providing a superior customer experience is key to differentiating your brand. A positive brand reputation ultimately leads to increased product visibility and an increase in sales. BigCentral is designed for sellers like The Friendly Swede, and the results clearly show its effectiveness."


The Friendly Swede’s customer service can now complete their tasks as efficiently as possible, enabling them to conveniently email, track & monitor reviews, as well as manage their entire team in a single location, while freeing up time to develop new customer service strategies to serve their clients better. BQool’s BigCentral has proven to deliver results for private label sellers.

Email automation demonstrated its effectiveness in improving the number of product reviews and increasing brand recognition. With the scheduled delivery, customizable templates, and multilingual functionality, The Friendly Swede was able to accomplish a 23% request review email open rate. An improvement compared to the industry average. And by learning from their past email successes through A/B testing, it is easy to see this value continues to increase in the near future.

Maureen explains:

"Anything that can be automated and saves time - increases profitability and improves processes and workflows. A win!"

Review tracking has also earned praise from the speed to identify critical issues through the 1-hour review tracking, review change monitoring, and the overall improvement of workflow efficiencies, which aligns with their core values and, in turn, allows for a superior product and customer experience. An additional benefit gained was the increase in profit margin through cost/time savings.

"We are able to reach the customers who need us much more quickly, increasing the chances to resolve the situation and keep a great reputation. What used to take multiple employees and many hours to complete with manual research, now takes us 15 minutes for the same information. WIN!" explains Maureen.

And while BigCentral played a positive role, BQool’s customer service facilitated the acceleration of their success.

"I have always been very impressed by the team of customer service agents with BQool. They are very eager to help and quick to provide solutions when we have questions or concerns."

And when asked whether they would recommend BQool to their peers, Maureen ecstatically says: "Yes, 100%!"

Anything that can be automated and saves time -
increases profitability and improves processes and workflows. A win!