Never Worry About Violating Amazon's Policies

A 100% Amazon-compliant review and feedback request to boost your reputation.

Never worry again that a product review request may potentially suspend your account. BigCentral's Amazon Request a Review is 100% Amazon policy-compliant so that you can rest assured that every email complies with the TOS. BigCentral's Amazon Request Review & Feedback campaign functions in the same manner as the review button in Seller Central, providing sellers with the ability to send an Amazon compliant request with the flexibility to target the right buyers at the right time. And at the same time, conveniently translating the message into the buyer's chosen language.

100% compliant with Amazon's policies.
Similar functionality to Seller Central's Request a Review button.
Official Amazon message content.
Amazon automatically translates message into the buyer's chosen language.
Amazon allows only one request per order.

Automating Instead of Clicking

Automate your review requests and target the right buyers to increase reviews.

No longer must you individually click Seller Central's Request a Review button for every order, BigCentral's Amazon Request a Review has automated this request to minimize your daily tedious tasks. Now you can conveniently automate your product review and seller feedback request all in one campaign, allowing you to focus on what matters most, driving sales.

No more clicking the Request a Review button in Seller Central for each order!
Save time by automating the review request process.
Multiple filters to target buyers that are likely to leave a review.
BQool and their services, make it easy to communicate with our customers, tracking their reviews and feedback so we can always be one step ahead. Thanks BQool for the support that never fails! You have helped us to grow our business by automating these important tasks - freeing us to WOW our customers around the world!

Maureen Frey

Customer Service Manager

The Friendly Swede

Sending Request at the Right Time

Precisely schedule your email delivery to target the best open-rate times.

The timing of emails is one of the key elements to receiving more reviews, and BigCentral's Amazon Request a Review combines the policy compliant Amazon template with the ability to schedule email delivery. By customizing the time and date requests, sellers can target buyers during the times when email engagement is more favorable, increasing the number of reviews rather than being sent to spam.

Send requests at the right time of day or the right day of the week.
Customize different delivery request times for different fulfillment methods.
Right time delivery means higher email open rates.

Automate Request Communications

Conveniently send both product review and seller feedback with just a single campaign.

Exclude Canceled or Refunded Orders

Maintain those valuable high ratings by excluding canceled or refunded orders.

Customizable Time & Date Email Requests

Select which time and day of the week to initiate the email requests, improving precision to increase email open rates.

Skyrocket your Sales with More Reviews and Feedback.

Automate your review and feedback request with a 100% Amazon-compliant request that will boost your reputation and sales.