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Standard Premium
Number of Referrals % commission Number of Referrals % commission
1 - 20 15% 1 - 10 15%
21 - 40 20% 11 - 30 30%
41 - 60 25% 31+ 40%
+61 30%
More than commissions, we offer you...

Marketing Asset

We provide you with a complete set of promotion tools.

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BQool and their services, make it easy to communicate with our customers, tracking their reviews and feedback so we can always be one step ahead. Thanks BQool for the support that never fails! You have helped us to grow our business by automating these important tasks - freeing us to WOW our customers around the world!

Maureen Frey

Customer Service Manager

The Friendly Swede
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  1. What is BQool?
    BQool is a SaaS company that was founded on the idea that Amazon sellers should always have access to the most innovative software solutions available. BQool is committed to simplifying the day to day tasks that all Amazon sellers face, whether that be dynamic repricing, competitor research, feedback and reviews management or discovering the most profitable products to sell.
  2. Why Promote BQool?
    Promoting BQool means promoting quality solutions that already helps thousands of sellers around the globe to improve their sales performances on Amazon.
  3. How do I apply?
    Simply fill the form and receive your affiliate link.
  4. Can I become a BQool affiliate even if I do not sell on Amazon?
    Sure! As long as you have an audience interested in building an Amazon business or looking for a solution to improve their sales performances on an existing account. BQool HERO is for you.