Performance – driven Amazon Repricer

Bring your A-game with BQool performance-driven repricer. BQool monitors Amazon 24/7 to detect price changes ahead of your competitors and pushes the repricing frequency to its maximum capacity of every 5-min. Beat your competitors & dominate the Buy Box!

· Blazing 5-min repricing
· Includes 5 preconfigured tried-and-true repricing rules
· Target the Buy Box
· Choose the Competition: FBA, FBM and Amazon
· Supports more than 10,000+ Listings

Protect Your Profit

BQool Amazon repricer gets close estimations on your profit margins and product ROI which consider all your Amazon fees including product cost, shipping cost, Amazon commission fee, closing fee and EU VAT fees where applicable. This calculator refreshes the data every time you enter values to give you the most updated fees.

· Price & Profit Calculator
· Set prices based on Profit, Profit Margin and ROI
· Min Price Protection
· Price Drop Safety Net
Grupo Clever Shopping is a business that is always looking for new ways to automate, escalate and grow their business. From this perspective, BQool is top when accomplishing repricing and customer service automation tasks and winning the all-important Buy Box.

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Grupo Clever Shopping

Customizable Repricing Rules

BQool Amazon repricer allows you to reprice against your targeted competitors: Amazon, FBA, FBM or non-featured. Decide who you want to compete with and develop unique repricing strategies based on competitor’s fulfillment method, feedback ratings, item status and item condition. This is repricing optimized!

· Unlimited custom pricing rules
· Target the Buy Box or the Lowest Price
· Compete w/sellers in/out of Min & Max
· Define how SFP offers are managed
· Exclude/Include specific sellers based on various conditions
· Exclude/Include Used conditions

Schedule Repricing

Gain ultimate control of your repricing strategy by scheduling your repricing time. When you assign a listing with a rule that has schedule set up, BQool Amazon repricer will automatically begin or stop the repricing during a specific time of day.

InventoryLab Synchronization

To eliminate duplicate actions in BQool that the user has already performed in InventoryLab, this feature synchronizes the 'Cost per Unit' into BQool’s Repricing Central as the 'Cost'. The figure under the 'Cost' section will then be updated automatically in BQool Amazon repricer. Users can then continue to set up the min and max price as usual.

Insightful Listing Data

Monitor your listing rank, offer, Buy Box win %, position and fulfillment under one central location. Competitor’s handling time, expedited shipping status, back-ordered status, and date are also shown in competitor analysis for you to make strategic pricing decisions.

Compete Against Buy Box Price

Win the Amazon Buy Box more often by directly competing against the Buy Box price.

Comprehensive Dashboard & Reports

Make better decisions by dynamically exploring repricing and sales information to spot trends and visualize key performance.

Repricing History Log

Monitor every single price change in the past 5 days. Stay tuned to what happens in and out of the Buy Box.

Listing File Upload

Save time by uploading an Excel file with preconfigured settings. You may also migrate your product costs from Inventory Labs report.

Favorite Filters & Groups

Easily sort your listings with favorite filter and organize them by creating sub-groups.

Price Safety Net

Price change safety net to protect one-time price drop.

Win The Buy Box More Often With BQool Repricing Central!

Available in Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX

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