Impactful AI Strategies to Dominate

Insanely powerful AI strategies to race ahead of your competition.

Aggressive. Intelligent. Performance-Driven. BQool's all-new AI-Powered (Machine Learning) Amazon Repricer employs next-generation technology to drive unparalleled repricing performance. Leveraging data-driven algorithms and billions of data points, BQool's AI Repricer has been rigorously tested and is based on proven repricing results. This AI Repricer includes multiple simple-to-use, yet insanely powerful strategies that can maximize sales, increase profit and raise Buy Box price. So, whether your goal is to increase sales velocity or generate the greatest amount of profit, these strategies are flexible and robust enough to cater to your business needs. Prepare to push the limits of what you thought was possible with BQool's all-new Amazon AI Repricer.

AI Match Buy Box

AI Boost Profit
Raise or lower price to match buy box intermediately to boost profit.



AI Grow Profit
Raise or lower price to match buy box moderately to grow additional profit.



AI Max Profit
Raise or lower price to match buy box gradually to maximize profit.



AI Win Buy Box

AI Sales Maximizer
Reprice aggressively to maximize sales.



AI Sales Booster
Reprice dynamically to generate sales.



AI Equalizer
Reprice moderately to balance sales & profit.



AI Profit Booster
Reprice incrementally to boost profit.



AI Profit Maximizer
Reprice aggressively to maximize profit.



Intelligence for the Intelligent

Continuously learning AI for relentless competitiveness.

The Amazon marketplace is forever changing and a seller's ability to stay competitive highly depends on their speed to adapt. Beneath this simple-to-use Amazon repricer lies a masterclass of innovation with the AI's ability to continuously analyze and learn from a complex mix of data points within the seller's unique ASIN environment.The result is a personalized AI with the capacity to comprehend, yet dynamic enough to rapidly respond to competitive threats. Never before has an Amazon repricer with such aggressive learning capabilities been coupled with the ability to dominate the buy box and drive greater sales and profits.

· Ability to adapt to various ASIN environments
· Frequent updates to the AI ensure frequent improvements
Grupo Clever Shopping is a business that is always looking for new ways to automate, escalate and grow their business. From this perspective, BQool is top when accomplishing repricing and customer service automation tasks and winning the all-important Buy Box.

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Grupo Clever Shopping

Frustration-Free Setup

A streamlined and intuitive setup for quick deployment.

Gone are the days of painstakingly complex Amazon repricer setup. For all its performance and flexibility, BQool's AI-Powered Repricer is strikingly simple to setup and deploy. With just five robust rules that covers all your repricing requirements and only a handful of settings to configure, the AI Repricer can be effortlessly configured and deployed in a matter of minutes. BQool's next generation AI Repricer features a streamlined setup without compromising on performance.

· Minimal setup time
· Quick deployment

Protect Your Profit

Uncover and evaluate your ROI and costs.

Understanding the myriad of confusing Amazon fees can be the difference between making or losing a profit. BQool's AI-Powered Amazon Repricer provides a close estimation of a product's profit margins and ROI. Easily visualize and calculate all the Amazon fees, including product cost, shipping cost, Amazon commission fee, closing fee, and EU VAT fees where applicable. And with this highly responsive calculator, the calculations update every time a value is entered, instantly displaying the product's ROI. Products enrolled in special programs such as Small and Light can also be calculated with BQool’s profit calculator to safeguard your profit.

· Price & Profit Calculator
· Set prices based on Profit, Profit Margin and ROI
· Min Price Protection & Price Drop Safety Net
· Support Small & Light Fees

Scheduled Repricing

Tactically schedule your repricing for increased profits.

Gain ultimate control of the repricing strategy by scheduling the repricing time. With the ability to schedule the repricing period, sellers possess the opportunity to manually reprice upwards. When a listing is assigned with a rule that has a schedule setup, BQool's AI-Powered Amazon Repricer will automatically begin or stop the repricing at the predetermined time of day with the selected price.

· Set Repeated or Fixed Date Schedule
· Set New Price after Paused Repricing

InventoryLab Synchronization

Quickly utilize InventoryLab's detailed listing right in BQool.

For sellers with an InventoryLab account, maintaining their BQool listing just got a whole lot easier. Sellers can simply upload their InventoryLab listings, which synchronizes the “Cost per Unit” into Repricing Central as the “Cost”. This value will be updated automatically in BQool's AI-Powered(and Rule Based) Amazon Repricer, where the seller can then setup the optimal min/max price and uncover the product's ROI and profit.

· Straightforward synchronization
· Optimized min/max price and more precise profit calculation

SellerAmp Integration (Chrome Extension)

BQool is excited to announce its official integration with SellerAmp! Not only can you take advantage of SellerAmp’s powerful extension to analyze products sell directly within BQool Repricing Central, but you can also assign the cost, min price, max price and repricing rules to listings in BQool straight from the SellerAmp Chrome extension, web and mobile app.

This seamless integration syncs critical sales metrics like Units Sold, Available Quantity and more from BQool to all SellerAmp tools, helping you make informed sourcing decisions. You can also export new listings from SellerAmp to BQool before your product is even listed. Double the efficiency, half the work!

· Export New Listings into BQool in Advance
· Built-in SAS Chrome Extension
· Supports the US, CA, UK, DE, ES, FR, IT
· Sync Cost, Min & Max Price, Repricing Rule & More Both Ways
· Supports the SellerAmp Chrome Extension, Web & Mobile App

Multiple Marketplaces

Supports US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, & JP marketplaces.

Product Backorder

Customize how to handle backorders.

Insightful Listing Data

Easily monitor your listing rank, offer, Buy Box win %, etc., all at a glance.

Comprehensive Dashboard & Reports

Make better decisions by dynamically exploring repricing and sales information to spot trends and visualize key performance.

Repricing History Log

Monitor every single price change in the past 5 days. Stay tuned to what happens in and out of the Buy Box.

Favorite Filters & Groups

Easily sort your listings with favorite filter and organize them by creating sub-groups.

Win The Buy Box More Often With BQool Repricing Central!

Available in Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX

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