Grupo Clever Shopping is a business that is always looking for new ways to automate, escalate and grow their business. From this perspective, BQool is top when accomplishing repricing and customer service automation tasks and winning the all-important Buy Box. Jorge Saldaña Alegre / Owner of Grupo Clever Shopping, SL.

At A Glance

A leading independent distributor endeavored to expand their business and reputation on to the Amazon marketplace. Amazed by the initial results of BQool’s software, Grupo Clever Shopping persisted and achieved a Buy Box win percentage of 60+%, and even as high as 70% in certain marketplaces. Requesting seller feedback and product reviews returned a remarkable email open rate of 37% and 43% respectably. And overall, their business was able to save 80% of their time due to automation. Jorge mentions that with all the benefits offered by BQool, the software is truly worthwhile and valuable.


Grupo Clever Shopping is no stranger to offering value-added solutions to its B2B and B2C customers. As a leading independent distributor in Europe, they mainly focus on selling well-known global electronic goods while emphasizing speedy customer service. Existing business customers have come to expect customer-driven end-to-end solutions when collaborating with Grupo Clever Shopping. And with a speedy 48-hour delivery and installation service policy, it is easy to see why efficiency and customer service is on the top of Grupo Clever Shopping’s priority list.

Looking to continue their success online, Jorge Saldaña Alegre, owner of Grupo Clever Shopping, decided to expand their product offerings to multiple Amazon marketplaces. However, they uncovered a unique set of challenges, including the lack of product visibility and difficulty of winning buy box share. Already in a highly competitive product category with consumer electronics, they discovered that the competition was even more intense due to the large numbers of global competitors within this global marketplace. As a result, they searched the market for a flexible solution that would allow them to maintain a high level of work efficiency, while also allowing them to win greater buy box share. A solution that is customizable to the various products and competitive scenarios that they may encounter.


Jorge’s initial research brought about several tools on the market, each claiming to help support their business. Jorge sifted through and tested many solutions against a long list of required criteria, including; 1. Must allow for easy automation of tasks, 2. Save at least 50% of their work time, 3. Increase buy box share, and 4. Have flexible subscription tiers.

Sellers are always in need of the latest technology to gain an advantage in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace. BQool’s Repricing Central is a globally known and award-winning Amazon repricer that helps companies like Grupo Clever Shopping win greater Buy Box share, ultimately leading to greater sales. This performance-driven repricer is highly flexible, allowing sellers to customize their strategy to fit changing market conditions, different product types, and even various competitor fulfillment types. And with a blazing 5-min repricing, Min Price Protection, Amazon Profit Calculator, and 24/7 operation, it’s easy to see how this software can increase buy box share while minimizing the time required to continuously analyze the market and manually reprice a seller’s listing.

Amazon is a customer-centric marketplace that favors high-performing customer-focused sellers for Buy Box placement. New resellers on Amazon do not have these requirements nor the reputation compared to existing competitors. Increasing buyer feedback is one way of improving a seller’s metric, and BQool’s BigCentral is ideal for this task. BigCentral is equipped with Email Automation and Request a Review features, both of which are designed to gather seller feedback, but in different ways. While both allow sellers to automate the request for seller feedback and product reviews, Request a Review is 100% Amazon-policy compliant and uses a predetermined template, while Email Automation is a customizable seller requested email that requires knowledge of Amazon guidelines. Both of these have been proven to improve seller feedback by countless of BQool customers.

After rigorous testing, Grupo Clever Shopping ultimately decided on BQool due to several key reasons. They were immediately attracted to the extensive details of Repricing Central’s rules. The rules were able to accommodate the different products and competitive scenarios, providing him with the opportunity to strategize and customize 99% of the possible outcomes.

Another reason was due to the level of automation. During the testing period, while benchmarking against two other tools, they were amazed to discover that BQool’s solutions were capable and reliable enough to work with the predefined rules and setup without supervision, while the other tools required considerably more hands-on work from staff.

Jorge adds,

"The combination of Repricing Central and Big Central has allowed us to save hundreds of hours every month! This could not be done with any other tool or manually performed through Amazon Seller Central."

And lastly, they were impressed with the flexible subscription tiers and competitive pricing. This accommodates sellers of all types, from small to large businesses, and from hundreds of products to thousands. This way, BQool can grow with their customers on every step of their sales journey.


The results seen were almost immediate. BQool’s software clearly exceeded their expectations, and Grupo Clever Shopping was able to save a whopping 80% of their time compared to the manual processes conducted prior. No longer did they have to spend time on tedious routine work, now they can focus on what matters most, strategically planning and executing high-level tasks for greater sales. Jorge explains, “The team was implementing many manual processes and investing countless hours a week to accomplish these tasks. With BQool’s solutions integrated into our daily work, our staff can now concentrate on providing more value-added services towards our customers and execute new profitable projects to help grow the company.”

Grupo Clever Shopping entered this sales journey looking for a powerful and flexible Amazon repricer. A repricer that is fully automated and can scale up with their business to potentially accommodate tens of thousands of products. Aside from a considerable amount of time saved through repricing automation, they managed to achieve a Buy Box win percentage of over 60+% in the EU markets, and in some cases, as high as 70+%. A clear success by any measure and a highly beneficial feature to both new and experienced sellers alike.

Jorge excitedly explains this success, “Grupo Clever Shopping is a business that is always looking for new ways to automate, escalate, and grow the business. From the perspective of repricing, BQool is top when accomplishing repricing and customer service automation tasks and winning the all-important Buy Box.”

As a new seller on Amazon, Jorge did not allow the multitude of challenges to deter him from striving to become successful. His dive into BigCentral sought to boost his seller feedback, improve his reputation, and ultimately increase his Buy Box share. BigCentral’s powerful Email Automation supports sellers in reaching these goals and was clearly helpful in supporting Grupo Clever Shopping. Trouncing the industry-average, Grupo Clever Shopping was able to achieve an astounding 37% email open rate for their Seller Feedback campaigns and an even better 43% for their Product Reviews. Impressive numbers will clearly propel them ahead of competitors through greater numbers of feedback and review, and consequently, more Buy Box wins.

Michael Lin, BQool Product Manager, further adds, ““Whether you are a new or experienced reseller, social proof in the form of seller feedback and product reviews, is key to increasing your reputation and increasing your Buy Box share. You can never have enough, and we are always focusing on improving this aspect of the seller’s journey through features such as our Email Automation and Request a Review.”

An underrated feature, yet clear benefit to sellers, is the intuitive dashboard, which also had a positive effect on their decision. With BQool’s dashboard, sellers can visualize up-to-date information regarding their repricing strategies and customer service efforts from a central location so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. And since all of Grupo Clever Shopping’s products go through the BQool software before being sold to their marketplace customers, they can monitor and measure performance on the go.

When asked if investing in BQool was worthwhile, Jorge replies, “The level of repricing customization for different scenarios, the subscription tier flexibility, and the level of automation truly makes this software worthwhile and valuable.”

Anything that can be automated and saves time -
increases profitability and improves processes and workflows. A win!