Highly Customizable Repricing Rules

A multitude of rules to rewrite profitable strategies from the ground up.

We took the key ingredients of what impacts a Buy Box win and applied them to one of the industry's best repricer, Repricing Central. BQool's Amazon repricer is highly flexible and offers numerous settings, such as the ability to reprice against your targeted competitors: Amazon, FBA, FBM, or non-featured. And in fact, sellers can develop unique repricing strategies based on a wide range of settings, such as competitors’ feedback ratings, item status, item condition, and much more. With the options offered in Repricing Central, sellers can transform exceptional ideas into profits.

· Countless custom pricing rules
· Fulfillment method: FBA, FBM, Non-Featured FBA/FBM, and Amazon
· Target the Buy Box or the Lowest Price
· Define how SFP offers are managed
· And much more…

Relentless Repricing Power

Burn through your competition with instant repricing.

Menacing and purposeful. BQool's Amazon Repricer is built for one purpose: to obliterate the competitors. Diligently monitoring Amazon 24/7 for price changes, a competitors' slight movement will trigger the advance repricer to push the repricing frequency to the very edge of its maximum speed. Destroy your competitors and dominate the Buy Box!

· Instant repricing *
· Scheduled Repricing
Grupo Clever Shopping is a business that is always looking for new ways to automate, escalate and grow their business. From this perspective, BQool is top when accomplishing repricing and customer service automation tasks and winning the all-important Buy Box.

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Grupo Clever Shopping

Tried-and-True Strategies

Preconfigured and proven strategies to get started.

BQool's Repricer adds breathtaking performance and intuitive design to proven Amazon repricing strategies. While countless custom repricing rules may provide enormous flexibility, included are also five powerful repricing strategies for sellers to quickly get started. Every custom setting has been chosen to craft a strategy that matches a seller's requirement.

· Target the Lowest Price Rule
· Target the Lowest FBA Price Rule
· Undercut the Buy Box Price Rule
· Undercut the Buy Box Price (Oscillate) Rule
· Match Buy Box Rules

Insightful Listing Data

Instantly visualize a listing's relevant data at a glance.

A consolidated view of each listing and the respective actionable data offers remarkable convenience for sellers. Easily monitor the listing rank, Buy Box win %, fulfillment type, and much more, all under one central location. In fact, the listing page is so powerfully convenient that the detailed competitor analysis instantly consolidates the ASIN environment's relevant data, allowing for impactful pricing decisions. Discover the convenience and power of BQool's Repricing Central.

· Conveniently view a listing's key relevant data
· Visualize a detailed competitor analysis
· Effortlessly compute a listing's profit/ROI
· Perform bulk actions

Scalable Service

Supports more than 15,000+ Listings.

Custom Seller Selection

Exclude/Include specific sellers based on various conditions.

Item Condition Selection

Exclude/Include various item conditions.

Price Safety Net

Price change safety net to protect one-time price drop.

Compete Against Buy Box Price

Win the Amazon Buy Box more often by directly competing against the Buy Box price.

Listing File Upload

Save time by uploading an Excel file with preconfigured settings. You may also migrate your product costs from Inventory Labs report.

Win The Buy Box More Often With BQool Repricing Central!

Available in Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX

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