Do Meaningful Work While Advancing Your Career and
Knowledge of the Global E-commerce Industry.

BQool strives to cultivate a positive working environment and a culture that respects the diversity of each member's values and ideas. We encourage our members to endeavor in personal growth by taking up new challenges by leveraging their unique perspectives. We value self-driven individuals who are independent & motivated and are willing to explore all the possibilities of their career development.

With BQool, your knowledge of the global e-commerce market will advance tremendously as a part of an industry leader. And with the ever-growing industry, you have an amazing opportunity to embrace new cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, which helps drive success for global companies.

Your personal growth is limitless with BQool.

Our Company Values

BQool is dedicated to fostering a culture of participation and belonging.
Our commitment is to ensure that every BQool employee can reach their full potential.

BQool prioritizes the well-being of each employee.
Here are the core values that our company believes in:


Treat each other with honesty and with the highest moral principle.


Support talented individuals of all backgrounds, no matter your background or the ideas that you may have.


Build a culture that fosters innovation and problem solving where individuals are free to be creative and be different.


Endlessly persist when executing strategic visions regardless of the title or position.


No robots allowed!


Uncover your purpose by finding the joy in your work.


Be mindful and take responsibility for our work.

Be the best that you can be.

Being at BQool is more than just working; it is also about continued personal growth. BQool is consistently growing, and opportunities are always popping up for individuals willing to accept those challenges. Whether you are experienced or just a recent grad, there will be numerous opportunities. And for junior individuals with limited experience but with a dedicated mindset, this may be your greatest asset as it inspires original ideas and encourages innovative problem-solving in a welcoming environment.

We should always remind ourselves that accountability matters. Never take anything for granted. Strive to understand yourself, both your strengths and weaknesses, and use it to your advantage— approach your learning with creativity and open-mindedness.

– Audrey Chen / BQool Human Resource

Employee Benefits are a Crucial Part of BQool Life.

Here at BQool, we strive to provide benefits that provide a substantial positive impact for BQool members.

Employees Going the Extra Mile

Employees Going the Extra Mile

BQool encourages our members to question the norm while striving for excellence. These individuals who have consistently stepped up to face the challenges can be rewarded for their outstanding achievement. BQool believes in equality and recognizes individuals for their success.

Professional Improvement

Professional Improvement

BQool encourages continuous professional development among the members to enrich and advance their professional skill set with company-supported training courses.

Flexible Paid Time Off, Subsidies and Allowances

Flexible Paid Time Off, Subsidies and Allowances

BQool supports a member’s passionate outlook towards their careers while also balancing their personal life. The result is an increase in the number of paid leave offered that exceeds those of the Labor Standards Act. Additionally, BQool also provides various bonuses and subsidies to support your happiness.

Get Cozy

Get Cozy

Need a break from work to clear your mind? Well, just come to BQool's dedicated game room to enjoy a session of darts, basketball, or even to play on the Nintendo Switch. We believe a comfortable environment is the best way to cultivate innovative ideas.

We Care About Employee Care

We Care About Employee Care

Your health and security are important to us! We offer each member the benefit of a customized health check and health insurance every year. Here at BQool, we believe our employees' well-being is part of the overall company's success.

Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.

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