Request to the Right Buyers

Maximize the number of product reviews by targeting the right buyers.

All buyers are not created equal and requesting a timely Amazon review or feedback from those buyers favorable to you can lead to more positive reviews and repeat purchases. BQool's Email Automation is feature packed with multiple filters enabling you to personalize automated email requests targeted at key buyers such as repeat buyers or buyers who have already left a positive feedback, resulting in the likelihood of more positive reviews. Email campaigns can even target buyers who have paid full price, as they are able to leave reviews as compared to those of heavily discounted products.

Repeat Buyers Filter
Orders Left with a Positive Feedback Filter
Orders with Promotion Discount Filter
And much more targeted filters

Avoid Buyers with a Negative Experience

Maintain a positive reputation by limiting exposure to buyers with negative experiences.

Proactively excluding buyers with negative experiences from review requests can minimize future challenges. Starting with the Email Blacklist, buyers with a previous negative experience can be blocked from future email campaigns, reducing the likelihood of a repeat negative review. And for current buyers who have already left a negative seller feedback, requested a refund, or have received a late delivery, they can be easily filtered out from your automated email campaigns so that your products can maintain a high review rating.

Email Blacklist
Left Negative Feedback Filter
Refunded or Cancelled Filter
Late Delivery Filter
Grupo Clever Shopping is a business that is always looking for new ways to automate, escalate and grow their business. From this perspective, BQool is top when accomplishing repricing and customer service automation tasks and winning the all-important Buy Box.

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Grupo Clever Shopping

Emails Intelligently Delivered at the Right Time

Boost email open rates by delivering at the right time, all powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Sending emails at the right time of day or the right day of the week can mean the difference between a positive review or an email sent to spam. BQool has brought in some of the brightest minds to develop an AI to determine the best time to deliver your emails so that you can focus on the message while leaving the rest to us. BQool's AI scheduled delivery is built on data from over a hundred million emails with data points including a buyer's location, order date, seasons, and much more. This AI model is continuously trained, evaluated and improved so that your email delivery is sent at the right time, improving open rates and ultimately increasing your product reviews.

AI email delivery model built on millions of messages
Deep Analysis of the buyer's location, order date, seasons and holidays
Right time delivery means higher email open rates

Engage Repeat Buyers

Build brand loyalty and closer relationships with repeat buyers by automating key email messages.

Connect with Promotional Buyers

Convert discount buyers to repeat buyers by improving brand recognition through the sharing of key product information.

Follow up with Refunded Buyers

Improve buyer relationship and damage control through follow up communications.

Blacklist Unhappy or Sabotage Buyers

Maintain high review ratings by avoiding negative reviews and feedback with your blacklist and email filters.

Optimize Campaigns with Actionable Insights

Visualize key insights such as total emails sent to improve your future campaigns.

Personalize messages by ASIN

Segment your audience and provide personalized emails to improve product awareness and customer care.

AI-Powered Solutions

Automatically assign optimal email subjects and best delivery time for each email campaign to help you get more feedback and reviews.

Opted-Out Email Credits

You’re only charged for what buyer's receive. Free email credits returned for every opted-out email sent.

Get More Amazon Feedback and Reviews with BQool BigCentral!

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