AI-Powered Subject and Schedule

Our revolutionary AI-Powered solution can help to get more feedback and reviews effectively. By automatically finding the optimal email subject and scheduling the ideal delivery time for each email, this sophisticated feature helps the user to maximize their potential for more feedback and reviews.

Automated Feedback & Review Request

Be proactive in managing your reputation and request your customers for feedback and product reviews. With our intelligent email automation system, we have made feedback acquisition as simple as a click of a mouse!

Default & Customizable Email Templates

BigCRM's default email templates are translated into 6 different languages and tailored to various customer service scenarios.
You can also customize email templates to personalize your content.

Buyer Blacklist Management

Block emails from being sent to uncooperative or opted-out customers to avoid getting undesired feedback.

VAT Invoice Generator

Automatically generate VAT invoices for your EU customers.

Flexible Delivery Schedule

Emails are sent based on the schedule you set which can ensure a higher email open rate.

Customize your Campaigns

The built-in HTML editor enables users to create more attractive and personalized email campaigns. Users can insert images, hyperlinks and can also make amendments to the email's design to effectively reach and engage with their buyers.

Customizable Email Filters

Optimize your email campaign by filtering-out orders already with negative feedback or buyers who have left negative feedback.

Opted-Out Email Credits

Free email credit for every opted-out email you’ve sent. You can also manually resend the email to ensure higher open-rate.

Get More Amazon Feedback and Reviews with BQool BigCRM!

The smart Amazon help desk solution helps you provide faster and better support for your customers