Protect Your Brand Reputation

Focus on building a positive brand reputation while mitigating bad reviews.

Don't let one bad review ruin your reputation and negatively affect your product's sales. BQool's Review Management enables you to get more product reviews while building and protecting your brand reputation. It includes extensive features to monitor, track, notify, and analyze all your product reviews across multiple Amazon marketplaces.

Promptly respond to repair your brand reputation
Monitor ongoing review communications

Monitor Review Changes*

Be aware and respond to sudden unfavorable product review changes.

Amazon product reviews can change anytime, and while effective mitigation can turn a negative review to a positive one, a positive review can also be changed to a negative one and, in turn, damage your sales and reputation. BQool's industry-leading Review Tracker is powerful enough to monitor ongoing Amazon product reviews even when the original review has changed status after quite some time. Review Tracker enables quick email notification so that you may promptly resolve the buyer's concern with the chance of improving their review status.

Continuous review change monitoring
Buyer resolution management may change review status

Stay Alert Every Hour*

Remain vigilant against negative product reviews every hour.

Even while you sleep, our solution is vigilant in tracking your products every hour so that negative product reviews do not go unnoticed. If left alone, a negative review can adversely affect sales every hour. For this reason, BQool's Review Tracker is thoughtfully built to track your product reviews as speedy as every hour to minimize any disruptions to your sales. Review Tracker is fully customizable with extensive features and allows you to determine how often to track a product review, whether it be every hour, 24 hours, or if you would prefer just to have us automatically decide for you.

Best-in-Class 1-hour review tracking
Flexible 1-hour, 24-hour or automatic tracking

Know What's Working

Identify the most popular trending product features shared among your buyers.

Improve Existing Products

Collect product negative reviews and improve subsequent product iterations.

Identify Top Reviewers

Identify and differentiate influential Top Reviewers from Hall of Fame, Top 100, Top Contributor, Vine Voice & Early Reviewers.

Historical Charts

Visualize product review & rating trends over the past 90 days.

Unlimited Data Downloads

Download and analyze product reviews over the past 2 years for use in other applications.

Save Time

Conveniently schedule automated product review tracking hourly or daily.

Protect Your Brand Reputation With BigCentral Review Manager!

Available in Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX