BQool Mission Statement

BQool Inc is a Taiwan SaaS company founded on the idea that Amazon sellers should have access to a suite of excellent software solutions that help resolve daily business challenges. This means developing innovative approaches to those issues. There are already existing software available on the market, but we believe sellers deserve better solutions. We strive to create products that will make Amazon sellers successful.

We are committed to developing the best software solutions for e-commerce business owners. We have a team of specialists and engineers who learn from seasoned Amazon sellers. They share that knowledge with other e-commerce business owners to help improve various parts of their operations. In this respect, we are not just a software company, but a source of information and consultation. We understand that Amazon success is rare. We do not want our clients to just survive. We help them reach their seller potential.

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  • Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9am- 6pm (GMT+8)
  • Phone number: +886 2-7720-6858
  • Support Line ID: @xjf3151s

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  • Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9am- 6pm (GMT+8)
  • Support QQ: 800106135
  • WeChat official account: bqool-cn
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