Amazon Feedback Management

BigCRM saves you a tremendous amount of time on feedback management and greatly improve your Amazon seller rating. You can search your Feedback by ASIN, SKU and even rating across multiple Amazon marketplaces and respond appropriately to negative feedback with a higher rate of success.

Track Feedback Status

Sort your Amazon feedback by status and discover all unsolved complaints at a glance. Simply tag each buyer feedback with status tags like Pending, Responded, or Resolved, so that you can immediately tell which feedback still needs your attention and respond to negative feedback promptly, professionally & efficiently.

Feedback Alert Notification

Monitor your negative feedback closely! Configure your campaign settings to automatically receive email alerts when your customers leave negative feedback and when a negative feedback has been removed.
Take prompt action and reduce your response time.

Feedback Performance Dashboard

You can view the total number of negative, neutral and positive feedback on BigCRM’s Feedback Performance Dashboard. Analyze your feedback data and other seller metrics to assess your store performance so you can gain valuable insights on how to improve your feedback rating.

Quickly Respond to Negative Feedback

Customers leaving negative feedback could potentially impact your sales. Therefore, you need to quickly deal with negative feedback on your store. Whenever you receive negative feedback, BigCRM will correctly match the order ID to the negative feedback for you to contact and resolve buyer’s issues. You can even set pre-configured templates to respond to the negative feedback efficiently.

Download Feedback

Download your past feedback to understand which area of your service can be improved.

Favorite Filters

Organize and sort your feedback quickly with filters. Track your feedback status with a click of a button.

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Feedback Management FAQ