How to Start an Amazon Private Label Business for Beginners

Thinking about starting your own business? Creating an Amazon private label may be an opportunity for you to supplement or even replace your existing income. What, exactly is an Amazon private label? It entails locating generic products already in demand on Amazon, developing your own packaging and logo for them, and selling them in a way that beats your competition.

Sounds interesting? Let’s go through exactly what it takes and the steps necessary to create an Amazon private label business, things to be wary of, and legal concerns and considerations to think about during your journey.

Amazon has over 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, and customers buy roughly 7,400 products per minute from U.S. sellers.
Steps To Create Your Private Label Business

There are various steps you can take to develop your own Amazon business:

Brainstorm product possibilities

Brainstorm product possibilities. You can search social media, “Hot New Releases” on Amazon, Kickstarter, and IndieGoGo for inspiration. Things to keep in mind about your product: keep the price range between $20-50, make it something you can sell year-round, is lightweight (to avoid higher shipping costs), and make sure it’s not restricted or requires Amazon approval.

Market Product Research

Perform market research to determine if the item you’re considering is worth selling. BQool’s Product Research Tool can give you information on average sales, the number of reviews, and Amazon fees. It even provides a profit calculator.

Determine a Business Model

Look into possible suppliers and manufacturers of the product and decide on one. Alibaba is a good place to look for suppliers because they allow you to purchase items in bulk from overseas manufacturers. Purchase sample products before committing.

Branding your products

Create your individualized logo and packaging. This is what makes the product yours; you can put your logo right on the product if you want. Supply nice packaging that will improve your customers’ experience and include your website URL inside the packaging.

Pick a Fulfillment Method

Decide how you will fill the orders. The easiest way is to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). You just send your products to Amazon, and they pack and ship the items for you as well as handle customer service.

Build up your listings

Build your Amazon listing. Make sure you take a high-quality photo of the product and create a title that will be picked up when customers search for the item. Then, use bullet points in the product’s description to point out your product’s features.

Market Research

Increase your product’s sales by optimizing its listing. Use Amazon PPC, their in-house advertising system, to place high in the search results, and tweak your keywords by examining what keywords your competitors are using.

Create an Amazon Seller Account

You can use your customer account to start selling, or you can create a new Amazon seller account with your business email. Before creating your Seller Central account, you may also want to check on Amazon website for a list of eligible countries that are allowed to sell on Amazon.

Sign up to sell on Amazon
By refining these techniques and making them your own, you’ll be well on your way to success.
Seller Central
Register for Amazon Seller Central
  • Register on Amazon for the flexibility to sell one item or housands.
  • Choose a selling plan based on your needs—you can change plans at any time.
  • Create product listings and product detail pages.







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How do I register to sell in the Amazon store?

To get started as an Amazon seller, begin by choosing a selling plan and setting up an Amazon selling account. Make sure you have access to your bank account number and bank routing number, chargeable credit card, government-issued national ID, tax information, and phone number to complete your registration.

Is being an Amazon seller profitable?

Selling in the Amazon store can be very profitable. In 2021, U.S. selling partners sold more than 3.9 billion products – an average of 7,500 every minute – in the Amazon store and averaged about $200,000 in sales per seller.

How do I increase my sales in the Amazon store?

There are many ways to increase sales in Amazon’s store. Appeal to Prime members by using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to offer customers Prime shipping. You can also:

  • Up your advertising game by offering promotions, coupons, or lightning deals.
  • Register as a Brand Owner and build your own brand experience using Amazon.
  • Create A+ content to drive sales.
  • Manage customer engagement to market directly to customers who follow your brand.
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