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BQool Feedback Central is a smart Amazon feedback tool that can personalize your emails to customers and automate email campaigns to get more feedback and reviews. With higher feedback and review counts, you can win the Buy Box more frequently and get your products to the top of Amazon Search Results Pages.

AI-Powered Email Subject

The average Amazon customer receives hundreds of emails per day. Inevitably, your Feedback or Review request emails are bound to be overlooked. This will more likely to happen if your email subject line is unappealing. BQool Amazon Feedback Tool features AI-Powered Email Subject that can save you from terrible email open rates by optimizing your subject line automatically. The AI assigns the most popular subject line among Amazon customers for your emails based on millions of email campaigns. No longer your emails will go unnoticed in a buyer’s inbox.

AI-Powered Smart Schedule

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out the best time to send feedback request emails? AI-Powered Smart Schedule automatically analyzes the behavior of Amazon customers from different regions and cities to accurately predict the time people check their emails. It will select the most optimal time to deliver your emails to your customers, thus increasing your email open rate by a significant margin.

BQool Machine Learning Algorithm

Let BQool AI handle your data-driven email marketing strategy and save yourtime on A/B Testing Email campaigns. BQool’s latest machine learning algorithm gathers vital data from your email marketing campaigns for in-depth analysis to improve your email open rate and increase customer engagements. Therefore, BQool Amazon Feedback Tool can assign top performing subject line to your emails and schedule the most optimal time for mail delivery. Never again will you be frustrated by A/B testing ineffective email campaigns that yield ZERO review and feedback.

Look no further! Collecting Amazon reviews & feedback has never been so easy.

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Experience the quickest way to get Amazon reviews & feedback with BQool Feedback Central

  • No Attachment Limit- No restriction on the number of attachments you wish to send.
  • Multi-language Template- Free pre-configured email templates written in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
  • Email variables- Powerful variables automatically generate critical order information, review links and more.

Supports Multiple Marketplaces- BQool provides service for major Amazon marketplaces.

What Our Customers Have to Say

The price of BQool subscription is cheap and reasonable and there is absolutely no performance tradeoff for the low price tag. BQool Feedback Central has all the essential features I want. If you are looking for an Amazon feedback tool with a good price-performance ratio and actually increases the number of your reviews. I wholeheartedly recommend BQool.

Murphy Carrigan, DOSS

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