Amazon Help Desk Tool - BigCRM is Now Released

Every Amazon seller knows customers are the backbone of a business and the source of revenue. The success of your store lies in improving customer satisfaction.

However, delivering excellent customer service is easier said than done.

You must dedicate time and effort to provide accurate solutions to your customers’ problems promptly. Sometimes collecting the information about a customer’s issue is time consuming and this may lead to a slow response time which may bring negative feedback to your store.

Most of your happy buyers do not leave feedback. In fact, satisfied customers largely outweigh disappointed ones, but the hard work you put in serving customers doesn’t show up on your seller rating.

So how can you provide a stellar customer service while getting positive reviews and feedback?

Managing customer enquiries on Amazon doesn’t have to be an irritable chore. We are here to assist you and your business, to make everything easier.

BigCRM - Amazon Help Desk Tool

Introducing BigCRM, an Amazon help desk with email automation to simplify your customer service and automate feedback and review request emails, helping you get more feedback and reviews effortlessly and vastly improve your customer service quality. You’ll be able to respond to customer questions faster, manage customers better, and protect your seller reputation with greater efficiency.

All Messages in One Place

By integrating all customer queries from multiple Amazon marketplaces into one platform, BigCRM lets you respond to all your customer questions efficiently without the hassle of logging into separate seller accounts.

Full Overview of Your Customers

You can quickly identify your customers with a full customer overview in BigCRM, such as contact detail, order record, refund and feedback history.

Customer Service Email Templates

No longer you need to constantly write the same reply to resolve the same recurring problem to different customers.

BigCRM offers customizable templates that you can create for all types of correspondence, whether late shipping or refund. Send messages promptly to buyers in a few clicks.

All templates can also be translated into multiple languages instantly. Scale your Amazon business globally is this easy.

Amazon Email Automation

In addition, BigCRM has a built-in feedback software that helps you automate feedback and review request emails. It can stop sending request emails to unsatisfied customers to eliminate the possibility of receiving negative responses.

Better customer management and greater feedback resolution will result in a higher seller rating which is the key consideration for buyers when they choose between purchasing from you or from your competitors.

Don’t fall out of favor with prospective customers. Improve your customer service and drive more sales with BigCRM today!