BQool Assists Amazon Sellers to Win the Buy Box with Better Margin

BQool boasts repricing software that goes farther than the average repricer. Most repricers serve only one function – to win the Buy Box – and at great cost. Sellers often sacrifice their margins when they’re in the lowest price position in order to land in the Buy Box.

Jessica Dai, Director of Marketing for BQool, said, “To protect your margins, compete for the 2nd lowest price position instead. Winning the 2nd lowest price position means the chance to win the Buy Box but with better margins.”

Sellers looking for more options and more than just driving down prices to win the Buy Box at bottom dollar should look to BQool’s Repricing Central. Rather than only competing for the Buy Box, sellers are able to compete with the four lowest prices, increasing their chances to land in More Buying Choices, another prominent feature on Amazon, or the more offers page. Sellers can get started by signing up for a free trial with full features included.