Opens for Business, Launches Free Trial

BQool Feedback Central, Review Central, Repricing Central Now Available for Amazon US Merchants
BQool Inc. officially launched the official website, offering free trials for BQool services including Feedback Central, Review Central, and Repricing Central.

BQool services will be offered through Amazon Web Services to Amazon US merchants, to assist in daily business operation and streamlining workflow. Amazon merchants can register via BQool’s website for a free trial account, with no credit card required to sign on.

The free trial offers users full access to BQool’s three major services for Feedback Management, Review Management, and Dynamic Repricing.

Feedback Central helps protect merchant seller rating and manage online reputations. Feedback Management automatically identifies buyer name, so merchants can respond promptly, which can lead to successful removal of negative feedback. It is feedback software which effectively tracks customer history, feedback, and resolution status in the cloud to keep Customer Service teams on the same page.

Review Central heightens brand protection and upholds product rankings. The generated daily review report matched with order history can be used to immediately respond to buyers and turn negative product reviews into positive reviews. Tracking reviews in the cloud allows consistent customer service. Listings with ratings of 4-to-5 stars help merchants to easily identify strong-selling products.

Repricing Central helps merchants to claim the prime top-four slots on and stay in the Buy Box rotation. Advanced Pricing enables merchants to execute different pricing strategies according to seller type, keeping merchants in competition while maximizing profits. Listing prices, with shipping taken into account, are adjusted hourly to keep up with the competition within the preset range.

In addition to the three major services above, Trial Program participants will also be given access to three value-added services: Inventory Management, Marketplace Listing Management, and Order Management.

Inventory Management centralizes, polls, and auto-syncs quantities from listings.

Marketplace Listing Management consolidates all listings, identifies hot-selling items, and monitors competitors.

Order Management provides merchants with a customer ranking system for targeted campaigns while clearly identifying feedback violators.

“BQool started as a vision to simplify daily operations for e-businesses,” says Magnus Wang, Co-Founder and CTO. “The initial offer is only available to Amazon US sellers, and selected merchants will be invited to register for BQool’s exclusive Top Sellers Program. We look forward to hearing feedback and critiques from trial users to improve the quality of our services.”