BQool Ecommerce Services Now Available for Amazon CA

Amazon CA Merchants can now manage feedback, reviews, repricing, and more with BQool

BQool, the cloud-based ecommerce service that makes selling on Amazon easier, is today launching its services for Amazon Canada’s marketplace. Pro Merchants currently selling on Amazon Canada’s marketplace can access these services immediately by signing up for a free trial.

According to BQool Director of Marketing Jessica Dai, the company is thrilled to be rolling out services, which were previously only available for Amazon US merchants, to Canada since “we’re now a step closer to simplifying daily operations for ecommerce merchants worldwide.” These services include the core feedback, review, and repricing products, which help protect seller ratings, improve product rankings, and increase sales, as well as the value-added services for inventory, order, and listings management.

“Amazon sellers want to take a closer look at inventory management,” notes BQool CEO Jonathan Low. Sellers who sell on both Amazon US and Amazon CA will now be able to consolidate and sync inventory to multiple channels automatically through BQool, eliminating the need for maintaining the inventory one channel at a time.

About BQool

BQool is cloud software that helps Amazon US and CA merchants combat redundant, daily tasks, traditionally needing hours upon hours of work required to run an online store. Sellers can use BQool to resolve negative feedback, reverse negative reviews, reprice hourly, manage inventory and orders, and serve customers from anywhere with Internet connection. Less doing, more managing. Learn more about BQool at

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