BQool Showcases at AAMA Taipei’s Startup Avenue Event

Visit BQool to Learn about our Startup Experience and Join our Debut of Feedback Central, Review Central, and Repricing Central

On June 26, 2013, BQool Inc. will showcase its three major BQool services including Feedback Central, Review Central, and Repricing Central at the “Startup Avenue” event hosted by the Asia America Multi-Technology Association (AAMA) Taipei Chapter, as part of the “Cradle Plan” Annual Program.

BQool Inc., as a home-grown startup provider of cloud-based multi-channel eCommerce services, supports the “Cradle Plan,” which aims to promote communication among startup founders to facilitate experience, learning, and sharing. During this event, BQool will share its startup experience and provide live demonstrations of three new services for Amazon US multi-channel merchants: Feedback Central, Review Central, and Repricing Central. Through live demonstrations, visitors will discover how BQool’s three major services streamline business operations and create more business opportunities.

Feedback Central enables merchants to reach out to customers to reverse negative ratings. Since all customer history, feedback and resolution status are tracked in the cloud, Customer Service teams are always on the same page. BQool Feedback Management protects merchant seller ratings and manages online reputations.

Review Central pulls daily reports from Amazon and matches product reviews with customer order records to allow prompt responses. BQool’s Review Management tracks product reviews to enable merchants to accumulate more positive reviews and maintain revenue.

Repricing Central competes with preset seller types and auto-adjusts listing prices within the preset range according to the corresponding pricing strategies. Listing prices, with shipping taken into account, are adjusted hourly. BQool’s Dynamic Repricing helps merchants to claim the prime top-four slots on Amazon and to stay in Buy Box rotation.
“BQool is excited to support AAMA’s great purpose and to participate in this event,” says Magnus Wang, Co-Founder and CTO. “We look forward to share our startup experience and to introduce our brand and new services, while meeting innovative minds.”

Address 2F, No. 2, Xuzhou Road, Taipei (International Convention Center R201, National Taiwan University Hospital)
Date June 26, 2013
Time 9:30 ~ 17:30