BQool vs Feedback Genius

BQool is best known for its superior automatic email service to Feedback Genius and has helped Amazon Sellers getting quality product reviews and feedback at minimum costs.

Have you ever felt that Feedback Genius is charging you too much for an email service and its Extra Message Bundles are just too expensive or inflexible? Wouldn’t it be great if there is a cheaper Feedback Genius alternative?

Good news! BQool Feedback Central is exactly what you need.

BQool Feedback Central Improves Your Amazon Reviews & Feedback to Boost Sales

BQool Feedback Central is an automated email service that provides a cost effective solution to increase reviews and feedback for Amazon sellers. Compared with Feedback Genius, BQool Feedback Central plans are tailored specifically for you. You can send more emails at cheaper prices across all BQool plans. BQool offers 10,000 emails only at $75 per month, whereas Feedback Genius 10,000 emails costs $80 dollars per month.


1,000 Emails/ month

$0.02 per mail


500 Emails/ month

$0.02 per mail


3,000 Emails/ month

$0.013 per mail


2,000 Emails/ month

$0.0125 per mail


10,000 Emails/ month

$0.008 per mail


10,000 Emails/ month

$0.0075 per mail

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  • No Attachment Limit- No restriction on the number of attachments you wish to send.
  • Multi-language Template- Free pre-configured email templates written in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
  • Email variables- Powerful variables automatically generate critical order information, review links and more.

Automatically Generate Your Product Images in Buyer-Seller Emails

By choosing BQool as your daily product review request tool, not only would you enjoy cheaper email plan than that of Feedback Genius, but you can also fully customize your email any way you like. You can include product images in your emails to give buyers visual information on the products you’d like to get reviews. All images of your products can be automatically generated from BQool powerful variables, you would never need to manually insert product images one after another. Complete hassle free!

BQool Template Theme Elevates Your Emails Above All Others in A Cluttered Inbox

For those who want their emails to be unique and stand out amongst others’, you could incorporate BQool’s very own template themes that are hand drawn by our professional artists to personalize your email with a wide variety of styles. BQool constantly updates its template gallery with new themes. You can always try a new template theme that complements your email content well and greatly extends the time a customer spends on reading your mail, thus increasing the odds of buyers leaving you feedback and reviews.

BQool the Best Automatic Emails for Amazon Sellers

The whole full-fledged Automatic Emails package is just $25 per month.

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Pay Less with BQool Cheapest Extra Emails!

  • There are times when you have used up monthly emails and are required to purchase an extra email bundle to resume sending emails to customers for the remainder of the month. The inflexibility of the bundle forces users to purchase a fixed number of emails with a steep price tag instead of letting users pay for what they wish to use. Feedback Genius is currently charging you a wooping $10 dollars for 500 extra email bundle (2 cents per extra email).

  • BQool, on the other hand, doesn’t require users to pre-pay for a set of extra emails. You are free to send as many extra emails as you like without making a commitment to expensive bundles. We also provide cheaper extra emails that only cost $0.0075 or less per email, thus 500 emails are only $3.75! This is much cheaper than the $10 dollars email bundle Feedback Genius charges you.

Supports Multiple Marketplaces- BQool provides service for major Amazon marketplaces.

What Our Customers Have to Say

The price of BQool subscription is cheap and reasonable and there is absolutely no performance tradeoff for the low price tag. BQool Feedback Central has all the essential features I want. If you are looking for an Amazon automated email service with a good price-performance ratio and actually increases the number of your reviews. I wholeheartedly recommend BQool.

Murphy Carrigan, DOSS

How to switch from Feedback Genius?

Making the switch to BQool today! Simply email our finest Customer Success Team at to get a step-by-step assistance migrating from Feedback Genius to BQool.

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