Use Email Campaign to Get Amazon Review and Feedback

It’s no secret. By providing outstanding customer service and sending out personalized email requests, you’re setting yourself up for more positive feedback and reviews. With higher feedback count, you can win the Buy Box more frequently. This is vital for both brand owners and resellers alike. In addition, our review request feature will help boost your product ratings and search results by increasing the number of product reviews for your listings.

Powerful Email Campaigns

Email campaign is an online communication channel, aiming for you to achieve better results, such as increase seller feedback, product review, avoid negative feedback, boost brand awareness and to maintain customer satisfaction. With BQool email campaign, we’ve simplified the process of feedback solicitation for you. Simply choose from 13 different default campaigns to begin or create your own email campaigns that suit your business needs.

Use Advanced Order Filters to Increase Email Open Rate

Customize your email campaign with our advanced order filters. Have ultimate control over your email settings from options like excluding buyers who have already left feedback, exclude or include repeat buyers, and filter orders to send requests by shipping country, product condition, SKUs, or ASINs. You can also turn on Positive Feedback Integration to avoid sending duplicated email requests for those already with positive feedback.

*Positive Feedback Integration is available starting at $25 subscription

Default and Customizable Email Templates

Save time by sending out default templates that are translated into 6 different languages and specifically tailored to various customer service scenarios. Reach out to your customers with customized emails that include your store logo for a professional touch! Our fully customizable email templates can be embedded with email variables, attachments, /wp-content/themes/vantage2/images, and store logo.

Email attachment: Upload a maximum of 10 files to your email template

Variables: 40 different variables are available to personalize email content

Logo attachment: Automatically insert your store name and logo in emails

Product image: Download your product images by ASINs and automatically attach into your email template.

BQool Theme gallery includes various email theme for your email templates to request feedback and reviews on amazon.

Stylish Theme Gallery

Make your emails more vivid and visually appealing to customers in your feedback request communication. Our Feedback Central comes with several colorful themes. Simply select an email theme from the gallery and start setting up your campaign. It will surely capture your customers’ attention!

use buyer blacklist to avoid negative feedback when request feedback

Buyer Blacklist Management

Use Buyer Blacklist to block emails from being sent to uncooperative or unsubscribed customers to avoid getting undesired feedback. Simply add buyer email or order ID to block future communication with the buyer. You can also upload buyer list through text files and use advanced filter to manage the Buyer Blacklist.

You can schedule your email delivery any day after the order is shipped, delivered, or set up different schedules for different fulfilment orders.

Flexible Email Delivery Schedule

Emails are sent based on the schedule you set. You can schedule your email delivery any day after the order is shipped, delivered, or set up different schedules for different fulfilment orders. To ensure a higher email open rate, you can also schedule a specific email delivery date and time by country.

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