BQool Product Update #2: Repricing Central Improved Bulk Configuration

The latest update for BQool Repricing Central has now been released, BQool would like to introduce the newly improved bulk configuration that will grant users with more flexibilities to set up Min and Max price for their listings on BQool Repricer.

The new bulk configuration now enables Repricing users who are on $50 monthly or annual subscription or above to set up Min and Max price based on their Profit Margin or ROI in bulk.

Here is an example on how to set Min and Max Price based on ROI or Profit Margin in BQool Repricing Central.

First, visit “Manage Listings” page to select the listings you would like to set Min and Max and then click on Min/Max Price & Rule under Bulk Actions.

Set Min / Max Price based on Profit Margin & ROI %

repricing manage listings

set min/max price&rule

After defining the Min/Max Price & Rule, click on the save button, the system will enable repricing on selected listings immediately.

If you would like BQool Repricer to calculate and set min/max price based on ROI or Profit Margin in bulk, you will need to input product cost values for listings you wish to reprice on “Manage Listings” page. This way BQool can properly calculate the overall costs including Amazon Referral Fee, Closing Fee and FBA Fulfillment Fees.

(Min & Max calculation could process up to 30 listings per minute. We recommend keeping the number of listings less than 30 for optimal performance.)