Introducing BigCentral On-Demand Video Training

The latest update for BQool’s BigCentral will be released on Jan 17th and includes easy-to-access tutorial videos and multiple minor feature updates. For more detailed information, feel free to contact BQool support. 

  • Learn more videos 
  • Maximum image width 
  • Removal of redundant templates 
  • Variable updates 
  • Other minor updates


An Amazon seller’s journey can be complicated and fraught with challenges, requiring multiple solutions found within BigCentral to support each customer’s touchpoint. To simplify BigCentral, BQool has added multiple “Learn” more buttons that are linked to tutorial videos, enabling sellers to quickly understand how to use the features. These tutorial videos are currently available in English with other languages planned for a future release.  

(Ticket Manager) 



Tutorial videos can be found in the following locations: 

  • Connect to Amazon MWS API     
  • Dashboard 
  • Review Manager 
  • Ticket Manager 
  • Campaign Manager 
  •  Keyword Research 
  • Product Research 
  • Product Tracker 
  • Chrome Extension 
  • Settings