European Marketplace Integration for Amazon Sellers-BQool

New Pricing Plan: European Marketplace Integration for Amazon Sellers

Are you a multiple European marketplace seller? Have you ever considered expanding to European marketplaces? It is now the time! BQool has now launched a new and better pricing plan for sellers in multiple European marketplaces including UK, FR, DE, IT and ES. In the past few months, we’ve been eager to make improvements on our payment plan to ensure our customers get the most out of it. So today, we’re excited to announce a new pricing package – EU integration. It is available for Feedback, Review, and Repricing Central products!10 FOR AN ADDITIONAL EUROPEAN MARKETPLACE

So how does it work?

It couldn’t be easier! Instead of paying separate subscription for each marketplace, EU integration plan offers the option for you to combine all your European subscriptions into ONE. With each additional marketplace only costs $10 more. Simply subscribe to one plan that covers the total amount of your listings/orders. For Feedback Central, the amount of emails are distributed among marketplaces. With Repricing and Review Central, you can allocate the number of listings between your EU marketplaces based on your needs.

European Marketplace Integration for Amazon Sellers

What are the key benefits?

With our new released EU integration plan, it’s all aimed at saving your cost and allows all our valuable users to gain access to the powerful features in BQool, without having to have a large budget.

✓ Significant Saving: Save more subscription fees for multi-European marketplaces
✓ Synergistic Benefit: Combined plans allow you to upgrade and get higher tier features
✓ Customizable listing allocation: Allocate your listings between all the EU marketplaces
✓ Easily expand & Increase sales: Expanding EU markets to increase your selling opportunities

We believe EU integration can be highly beneficial for all Amazon sellers. If you’re currently a multi-marketplaces seller or looking to expand into new European markets, take advantage and Sign up Today!
If you have any questions about EU integration, please leave a comment below!