BQool Repricer Update-Advanced Profit Calculator and more

Repricing Central Update!

We are excited to reveal the latest update in BQool Repricing Central! In this update, we revamped the interface to be more user-friendly and intuitive to use. We have also added several new features to maximize the software’s potential and help you win sales.

Easier and faster setup process

No more ‘Save’ button on every listing box! After you make changes for the listings, you can save all at once. What’s more, we have added more functions to Bulk Action, so you can easily reset your min price or current price to match the lowest price or Buy Box price for multiple listings at a time to optimize your pricing performance.

Speaking of bulk action, here’s an additional benefit for Inventory Lab users. Simply upload your Inventory Lab Closed Batch Report file, and BQool will automatically import your product costs. Yes, it’s that easy!

Develop a more comprehensive strategy with more data

Inventory quantity, the most in-demand feature, is now included on the Manage Listings page. Other helpful data such as estimated profit, profit % and fee have also been added to help you make critical pricing decisions. We merged ASIN, listing title, listing offers, and fulfillment type into one column and more data have been added in this update!

Pinch your pennies with advanced Profit Calculator

With our new and improved Profit Calculator, it’s never been easier to calculate your minimum price and profit margin. You can get close estimations on your profit margins, and consider all your fees – Amazon fees, referral, variable closing, FBA fulfillment, and even EU VAT fees. Once you’ve set up your prices, all the complex calculations can be done with the click of a button.

mprove your efficiency with powerful filters

To easily sort out the listings that may require modifications to improve performance, we have added a number of new filters as well as new Favorite Filter settings. You can also organize the listings by creating sub-groups, and pull up the ASINs in a breeze.