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Help Desk with Email Automation for Amazon

BigCRM is an Amazon help desk solution that simplifies your customer service and automates feedback and review request emails, so you can get more reviews and feedback effortlessly.

  • Full Customer Insight for Fast Response

    A comprehensive customer overview helps you identify your customers quickly and ensure the provision of quality service.

  • Customized Customer Service Templates

    BigCRM provides a variety of multi-language templates for various customer service scenarios to complement your cross-border Amazon business.

  • Intelligent Amazon Feedback Software

    Automatically stops sending feedback and review request emails to buyers who contact you for support to avoid receiving negative reviews and feedback from unhappy customers.

Repricing Software for Amazon

Win the Buy Box more often with Repricing Central. Fast and feature-rich repricing solution you need to knockout the competition.

  • Automated Amazon Repricing

    Optimize your repricing speed to every 5-15 minutes. We help you stay in a good position to get the Buy Box while ensuring your price accuracy and profit margin.

  • Customizable Repricing Strategy

    Schedule your repricing time, and devise different strategies against specific sellers to maximize your sales opportunity.

  • Insightful Listing Information

    Make smarter pricing decision with top 20 competitor analysis, listing performance report and comprehensive dashboard.

Product Research Tool for Amazon

BigTracker is a powerful Amazon product research tool that helps you scout profitable products and spy on your competitors with our rich database.

  • Product Research with a Huge Database

    With a database that stores more than 80 million products on Amazon, you can find the best-selling product ideas and niches easily and track them for future action.

  • BigTracker Chrome Extension

    Obtain crucial product data in a blink of an eye as you are leisurely browsing on Amazon.

  • Spy on Your Competitors

    Stand atop the competition by monitoring your competitors’ price and review history and check their inventory status to adjust your business strategy accordingly.


Check our resource for best practice, tips and guidance for your Amazon business.

Customer Success Stories


BQool solved our repricing problems with a package that is not only affordable, it allows for great flexibility as well. After switching to BQool, our sales skyrocketed. Thanks BQool for an excellent product!

Value Garden Supply

BQool Repricing Central is the best seller tool around. It has changed my business and saves me hours every weeks and earns me thousands in sales per month!


BQool customer feedback software is a great choice for us sellers! It indeed saved us lots of time to track customers. You can edit the default template as you want. It is helpful for us sellers, especially those big sellers.

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