How to Win the Buy Box
on Amazon

"Win the buy box" is what every Amazon seller strives to achieve. The importance of buy box cannot be overstated as the frequency of your offer featured in the buy box dictates the sales performance of your product.

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Key Variables to Win the Buy Box

  • Featured Merchant Status

    Featured Merchant Status

  • Selling Price

    Selling Price

  • Shipping Time

    Shipping Time

  • Customer Response Time

    Customer Response Time

  • Feedback Rating/Count

    Feedback Rating/Count

  • Sales Volume

    Sales Volume

  • Order Defect Rate

    Order Defect Rate

  • Late Shipment Rate

    Late Shipment Rate

  • Refund Rate

    Refund Rate

  • Seller Rating

    Seller Rating

Degree of Impact on Winning the Buy Box

  • Selling Price
  • Fulfillment Method
  • Shipping Time
  • Seller Rating
  • ODR Rate
  • Feedback
    Rating / Count
  • Customer
    Response Time
  • Late Shipment
  • Refund Rate
  • Sales Volume

How should you adjust your selling price to greatly improve
the odds of winning the buy box?

If you sell less than 250 listings

Try Amazon Automate Pricing

  • It's Free.
  • Users are required to manually set up a repricing rule for each listing.
  • Unintuitive repricing rules will often get your products caught in a race to the bottom price war.
  • Sellers are unable to compete effectively against competitors with different fulfilment types due to limited options of repricing rules.
  • Leaking pricing strategy to Amazon is one of the key concerns for Amazon sellers.

If you sell more than 250 listings

Try BQool Repricing Software

  • 14-day free trial, no credit card required.
  • Calculate your ROI with profit calculator to protect your profit margin.
  • Assign repricing rules for listings in bulk.
  • Advanced repricing rules help you win the buy box easier.
  • Automatically enables or pauses repricing according to your repricing schedule.
  • Inventory Lab Integration synchronizes your costs/units to BQool automatically.
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Amazon Automate Pricing vs BQool Repricing

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