The Best Amazon FBA Repricer Auto Adjusts Your Price Instantly To Increase Profits & Sales


BQool Amazon FBA Repricer

BQool Repricing Central is an Amazon FBA repricer that can help sellers price Amazon listings below or above their competitors’prices to win the buy box and increase your sales and profits.

If BQool Amazon FBA Repricer detects any price change coming from a competitor, it will adjust your price immidiately, giving you the competitive edge at all time.

How Does BQool Amazon FBA Repricer work

As soon as BQool receives pricing data from Amazon, repricing will take effect within seconds. BQool Amazon FBA Repricer pushes repricing frequency to its maximum capacity and greatly optimize the repricing process.


Competitor X changes price


Amazon sends the latest pricing information


BQool calculates the new price and sends it back to Amazon


Amazon processes the request and updates your listing price

An Amazon FBA Repricer that is Easy to Set Up

You can utilize Bulk Actions to quickly set up repricing on many listings at once. Set Min Price, Max Price, and repricing rule across multiple ASINs based on your desired profit margin.

Dominate the Buy Box 24/7

BQool FBA Repricer automatically matches your price to or sets your price below the lowest priced competitor to place you in a favorable position to win the Buy Box. Repricing doesn’t stop at winning the buy box, BQool FBA Repricer will also increase or decrease your price to ensure your buy box position is maintained and maximize your profits.

Highly Customizable Amazon FBA Repricer

BQool Amazon FBA Repricer allows users to customize their repricing rules for advanced repricing strategies. Setting a customized repricing rule that targets a type of sellers to compete or to exclude increases your chance to win and keep the buy box. Customizable repricing rule is crucial for any seller who is serious about selling well on Amazon. It ensures that repriced items are always in the most favorable position to win the buy box.


Selecting How You Want To Compete Against Specific Sellers

Specify how you’d like BQool FBA repricer to adjust your price based on the fulfillment type of an item. For example, you can set different repricing rules for [your FBA item vs competitor’s FBA item] and [your FBM item vs competitor’s FBA item]




Non-featured Merchants

Exclude Amazon

Exclude Amazon to compete exclusively with third-party sellers.

Exclude FBA

FBA sellers are subject to FBA fees, and tend to be priced higher.

Exclude FBM

You may be a FBA seller looking to only compete with other FBA sellers.

Exclude Non-featured merchant

Non-featured merchants are not eligible to win the Buy Box.

You can also choose to exclude or include sellers in your repricing rules based on the following conditions

Exclude or include sellers with free shipping
Exclude sellers with low feedback ratings
Exclude or include sellers with expedited shipping
Exclude sellers with low number of feedbacks
Exclude sellers with long handling time
Exclude sellers with backordered product

InventoryLab Integration

BQool is now fully paired up with InventoryLab. You can now effectively manage your inventory while simultaneously reprice competitively on Amazon. BQool will automatically sync your Cost/Unit amounts you’ve assigned to your MSKUs in InventoryLab to help you setting up item costs for repricing rules quickly and efficiently.