To provide a more comprehensive solution for Amazon sellers to find their product niche, spy on competitors’ sales performance and increase sales, BQool has launched a new powerful Amazon seller tool, BigTracker, which provides data driven sales analysis from millions of product data to help sellers make smart product decisions and conduct` competitors analysis.

If you want to identify profitable opportunities, fulfilling new product ideas faster and bring them to a market and monitor competitors’ sales performance, check out BigTracker features below and stop relying on assumption!

Product Research

Simply enter a product ASIN/ keyword, use advanced search filter or compare multiple great potential products to evaluate detailed sales performance, estimated sales and revenue.

Product Tracker

Product tracker helps foresee future sales trend by analyzing historical data of sales rank, buy box price, ratings, estimated sales and revenue to further enhance your product research. Product tracker allows you to easily compare multiple products at a time to determine products with the greatest selling potential.

Profit Calculator

The embedded FBA calculator allows reverse calculation. It can be used to calculate product estimated sales and revenue to help you build a profitable product portfolio.

Email Alert

Over 20 types of alerts that will constantly notify you about the change of listing performance and status in time.

Deals Tracker

Track Amazon's latest deals and monitor competitors promotional strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Product Research

Find your ideal products from millions of product database.

Product Tracker

More ways to find winning product ideas or competitor analysis. Daily update!

Email Alert

Over 20 types of email alerts to keep you constantly updated.

FBA Calculator

Real-time and sophisticated profit calculator.

Product Comparison

One click to easily compare multiple products of their comprehensive sales metrics.

More Accurate Data

Sales model changes every 15 days for data accuracy.

Group Setting

3 tier group settings help you organize your tracked products.

Advanced Search

Simply filter your criteria to find the product niche in each category.

Export Data

Easily download sales reports in CSV. format.

Est. Sales & Revenue

See through the most profitable products at a glance.

Deep Analytical Chart

Identify market trends and sales performance.

Buy Box Price History

Helps you decide your new product pricing.

Sales Rank History

Check BSR trend line to identify if the product has great potential.

Hijack Alert

Set both buy box price and total seller alerts to prevent hijackers.

Inventory Alert

Set inventory alerts to avoid stockout or low-stock issues.

Track Q&A

Find out customer concerns and respond customers in a timely manner.


Monitor your competitors promotion activities to set up your sales strategy.

Support Multiple Users

Admin can set mutiple child accounts for other users.

How does BQool Amazon product research tool compare to other product research software on the market?

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