Dominating the Buy Box Is Key to Increasing Your Sales

Competitive Repricing Rule

The default rule starts by adjusting your price to be in a good position to get the Buy Box. If competitors are equal to or below your Min Price we will look for the next eligible competitor above your Min Price. When you’re in the Buy Box, the Buy Box Settings will keep your price competitive to increase Buy Box ownership. Both the Buy Box Settings and Repricing Settings will be able to lower and raise your price to maintain a competitive advantage relative to your competitors.

Identify and Target your Competitors to Maximize Revenue

This is not rocket science: your competitors are Amazon, FBA, FBM or non-featured. Decide who you want to compete with, and devise different pricing strategies against them.

Competitor Analysis: provides critical data on the top 20 competitors for each listing

Repricing Settings: choose your competitors and select the basic rules

Advanced Settings: set a variety of repricing scenarios to target competitors based on fulfillment

Custom Settings: exclude sellers with low feedback count & rating, or unique sellers by using their Seller ID

Mind the Knowledge Gap:
Dashboards, Reports and Repricing

Make better decisions by dynamically exploring repricing and sales information to spot trends and visualize key performance indicators.

Dashboard: With a quick glance, glean crucial data on sales, Buy Box %, listings and competition statistics.

Reports: provides comprehensive sales, performance and repricing reports to help you to analyze and track the key statistics that impact your listings.

Repricing History: monitor your repricing progress against competitors’ prices, and track new price changes for your listings.

Reprice Faster with Accelerated Repricing

Accelerated Repricing pushes performance to the limits of Amazon’s API and SQS services. After we receive pricing data from Amazon, BQool pushes the repricing frequency to its maximum capacity: as often as possible without triggering Amazon’s imposed delays. This is repricing optimized.

Auto Compete & Dynamic Pricing

Other repricers stop repricing when there are competitors below your Min Price. Auto Compete will continue to reprice you against the next lowest competitor above your Min Price.
Don’t just price downwards! Once you’ve won the Buy Box, our dynamic pricing lets you increase your price to maximize your margins, match your competitors, or decrease your price by a percentage or amount. Gain ultimate control of what happens in and out of the Buy Box.

Price & Profit Calculator

The Price Calculator can be used to calculate profit margin and ROI for both FBA and FBM listings with real-time costs (Amazon Commision fees, variable closing fees, FBA fulfillment fees and EU VAT fees). This calculator calls the API every time you enter values to give you the most updated fees. Simply enter your Min and Max prices to find out your estimated sales profit at different price points, or you can work backwards by starting with your desired profit or ROI, and we will calculate the applicable Min and Max prices for you.

use buyer blacklist to avoid negative feedback when request feedback

Convenient Listing Management

Repricing Central offers several powerful features for your convenient management. Easily set up your listings by utilizing:

Filter & Group: Sort your listings with your favorite filter and organize them by creating sub-groups. Filter your items by price, fulfillment, quantity available, units sold and more.

Bulk Actions: Quickly add repricing settings to multiple items at a time. Match your price to the lowest-priced seller or Buy Box winner to maximize your sales opportunity.

Upload File: Save time by uploading an Excel file with all your listings and preconfigured settings with BQool’s template. You may also upload your report from Inventory Lab to BQool to migrate your product costs in one click.