BQool vs Aura

Are you still using an untrustworthy repricer?

Be aware! Your Amazon Account is at risk!

A trustworthy, officially recognized Repricer

When it comes to third-party software, the most important aspects are data security and privacy. You need to be aware of repricers that are nowhere to be found in Amazon Service Provider Network nor in the official Amazon Marketplace Appstore. These repricers are not fully recognized by Amazon and may present potential security threats for your Amazon account. BQool is officially recognized after passing rigorous safety tests from Amazon to ensure that the data of our users is safe. Don’t risk it all with the wrong repricer; put your Amazon Store information in the hands of a recognized tool with years of expertise.

A powerful Repricer that does what it promises

Aura is yelling to the world that its repricer is powered by machine learning... too bad it is simply not true. The AI feature is not offered at all and their interface is flooded with “coming soon” tags that feel less of a promise and more of a marketing hype. No one wants to deal with vaporware, after all. Every feature that BQool promotes is already available and our advanced options have been endorsed by our customers for years.


Per month


Per month

AI Repricer

AI Repricer

Repricing Scheduler

Repricing Scheduler

Full Competitor Analysis

Full Competitor Analysis

Supported Marketplaces

Supported Marketplaces

Accelerated Repricing Speed

Every repricer needs to deal with Amazon processing time to make sure that prices are updated on the product page. BQool’s Accelerated plan sends new prices to Amazon continuously, ensuring price changes within 5 minutes, including Amazon processing time. If a repricer claims that it can reprice in 2 minutes, it has not included the time for Amazon to process the price change. This is a common false advertising used by untrustworthy repricers.

BQool’s flexibility: Every seller matters

Aura only offers one plan for the steep price of $97 per month. BQool cares about every seller and offers more flexible pricing plans, starting from just $25 per month for up to 1,000 listings.

Also, if you sell on multiple amazon marketplaces like the EU marketplaces, you can manage all your marketplaces with just one BQool account! BQool supports several Amazon marketplaces: US, CA, EU (UK, FR, DE, IT, ES), Japan and Mexico!

Exclusive BQool Features

  • Competitor Analysis

    Identify your top competitors and see exactly how to beat them. Competitor analysis shows top 20 sellers along with selling prices, seller type, back-ordered status, and more.
  • ROI Calculator

    BQool’s indispensable ROI Calculator lets you set Min and Max price based on ROI and profit margin.
  • Advanced customizable Repricing settings

    BQool and Aura both offer advanced rule settings such as raising price while in the Buy Box, reprice based on competition type, set a repricing schedule, raise price if out of stock, and reprice by sub-condition.

What our customers have to say

It is the most powerful and flexible repricing service on the market. I love the ability to interact with competition differently based on whether it's FBA, MF, or Amazon, and the auto-compete feature is pure brilliance!

Kimberly Coghlan

How to switch from Aura?

Make the switch to BQool today! Simply email our Customer Success Team at to get step-by-step assistance migrating from Aura to BQool. Free 14-days trial

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